2013's Final IHSW

Hello, my dears! Are y'all busy bees getting ready for the holidays? Do you have some time to set aside for our last IHSW of the year? :) I think I do... but the question would be if I would have the energy to stitch or if I'd rather just be lazy. HAHAHAHA!!!

I've been really, REALLY bad about stitching lately. I don't think I've even showed you the latest pic of Spring Knotgarden which, horror of horrors, is about three weeks old! Anything I've done since then has been pitiful.

So here's a toast to our December IHSW. I'm going to put my name down in hopes that it'll spur me on for some stitchyness. ;)


Annie said…
So, so beautiful!
Ineke said…
Compared to the previous update you made great progress! Keep on stitching Joyce.
Lonneke said…
Very beautiful :)
llknbillburg said…
The piece you are working on is gorgeous! I know what you mean about the stitching time. I never count on December for getting stitching done. But since Saturday is my birthday, I think it is the perfect time for hermitting! And hopefully I will have the holiday prep in good enough shape not to feel guilty about it!! Laura
Marilyn said…
You've made a lot of progress.
The Alien cats are beautiful!
WOW that is mesmerising Joyse. I hope you have a great IHSW!
Alicia xo
Katie said…
I have some stuff to do but hoping to steal some time for X's. Love your update. Hope to see more soon.
Anonymous said…
I am in the same situation..Haven't done much in weeks..It's not because of the Holidays..(I wish I could say that)..Nope..Just been lazy..This weekend I hope/will work on an exchange that is due in January..I think I can, I think I can...I know I better!

Happy Holidays!
Nancy Peterson said…
This is my first time joining the IHSW though I've taken part vicariously through friends before. It was such fun I had to joing.
♥ Nia said…
Gorgeous stitching!! :D
Zeb said…
2014 can't come soon enough. I'm looking forward to taking part!
demeter83 said…
I can't believe how many IHSW I've missed this year, I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself! Stupid work!
Your stitching is looking gorgeous!
And guess what, I'm finally starting a Chatelaine this year, I've found someone to SAL with me, so I'm hoping that she'll encourage me to work on it more! (and talk me down when it scares me, which she's already had to do once!)

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