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"Meeeeooww" Peek, Anyone?

LOL!! How many of you knew what I was talking about in the title? ;) Ok, *big sigh* I don't think I can have Spring Knotgarden aka Alien Cats finished according to my insane plan of nine days. No one told me that reading blogs instead of stitching could be detrimental to my finishing plans! Boo-hoo! I did get good towards the end of the week though. Got all the stitching done late Saturday afternoon and started beading the same night. This was when insanity set in again and I broadcast that I shall have the beading done by Sunday night! Oh yeah, oh yeah!! Fortunately, I wasn't cocky enough to announce this to the entire world since all I had to show after the weekend was a sore bum and a half-beaded project! Obviously, I underestimated the amount of beads in Alien Cats and  overestimated my beading prowess.  *snort* I'm super psyched that so many of you are joining us for the Stitching Bandits' Chatelaine Challenge . I'll give this my whole attention once S

Chatelaine Challenge New Update

I've slept on this a little and mulled over it with a friend and there's going to be a slight, but major change on for this Challenge. The objective for this Challenge is to pull out those Chatelaine WIPs you have and have fun with them and with other stitchers. The drawing will be open to everyone who joins in the fun, and I might now have been clear in the previous post, but this is not something for you to buy new stash, but to get out those Chatelaine WIPs to work on them. ;) Anyhooo, just wanted to clarify. More to come, and for current particulars, please check out the previous post or CLICK HERE . 

Chatelaine Challenge Teaser and A Video

An undisclosed time ago, three baby girls were born geographically close to each other. But, they didn't meet until they were grown ups, spread throughout the world. When they did, they became fast friends and sisters in spirit. As siblings are wont to do, the middle sister –  Crafty Pretender  – is constantly torn between the finishing demands of the oldest sister (yours truly) and the irresponsible (LOL) starting demands of the youngest sister –  Stashaholic's Anonymous . It doesn't help that middle sister is a scaredy cat (I'd use another term but I am trying to be delicate here) when it comes to starting a Chatelaine. ;) She wants to stitch them, she really does, but there are so many gorgeous ones. Which one should she choose? Fast forward two years (I kid you not!), and damn if she didn't decide to test the waters, tiptoe in, and start Chinese Garden. I was so psyched when she told me, that I immediately started making SAL plans! I have her kit with me and

Captcha, How I Hate Thee!!!

Die, CAPTCHA, die!! And let it be a sloooooooow and agonizingly painful death!! Ok, that might be a little too dramatic, lol, but that's all I can think about every time one of those freaking "Please prove you're not a robot" codes pop out as I'm about to post a comment. Thanks for nothing, Google!! We've all been there right? You've just read through a post, oohed and aahed at the the gorgeous WIPs, taken the time to post an appreciative comment, click on the Publish button, and BOOM!, this happens! Google has made the very helpful, NOT!!, decision to have this option set automatically to "show code." I think it's pretty safe to say that it annoys most readers. I know it annoys the hell out of me, especially when I have a list of blogs I want to go through and have to stop dead every other time to prove over and over again that I'm not a freaking robot!! C'mon, Google!!! Seriously????! I like to leave comments, I do.

January IHSW Report

CLICK HERE for January's IHSWers . I encourage you to visit each other's blogs. I'm sure you will be as inspired as I am by all the beautiful projects out there. So that everyone will have a chance to post their IHSW updates, I'll start my blog visits tomorrow. :D Hey, look!! I'm posting on the Monday right after our IHSW with update pics!! After a dismal 2013 of bare-boned posts on my end, aren't you guys proud of me? I'm doing so good for 2014! (Shhh, let's not focus on the fact that it's only January and we still have the entire year ahead of us. LOL!!) I hope y'all had a great IHSW. I got the insane idea on Saturday night to finish Alien Cats with Temple Hats (hubby's name for Spring Knotgarden) done before my parents' visit. They're coming all the way from Malaysia, you see. What are they bringing me? Food. Lots and lots and lots of yummy food!! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it... saliva production has begun...

Wipocalypse - January 2014

I'm going to try and be good this year and keep up with my SALs, blogging (both writing and reading), and most importantly, keeping in touch. Hosted by Measi , WIPocalypse allows us all to work on WIPs and show them off. What could be better? Ah yes!!! The finishes from those WIPs. :D Want to take part? Click on Measi's name above and join right in. :D For January, we're supposed to introduce ourselves and talk about our projects and goals. The latter is easy since I have but a handful of WIPs and my goals have always been to finish projects as quickly as time allows. My list of projects this year are: 1. Spring Knotgarden 2. Serengeti Mandala 3. Mermaid of Atlantis (not started, but will be a WIP soon enough) 4. Some Nora Corbett pixies (not started or decided) ETA: 5. Regal Tiger (see answer to final question below, LOL!) As for the introducing myself part, this is a more difficult task. So, I'm going to steal the following questions from Jo's bl

January 2014 IHSW and a Pic

Happy 2014 everyone!! I hope your year started with a stitchy bang! Me, I'm glad to be starting the year right by posting our first IHSW sign up of 2014 on time. (Shhhh, let's not talk about the fact that it's almost 2 weeks into the new year and this is the first time you've heard from me, LOL!) The left and right side borders of Spring Knotgarden are done!!! Yee-haw!!!! I'll be scrolling up to work on the bottom border next. After that, the top border and finally, beads! Hopefully, these will all be accomplished before March. Why March, you ask? That's because my friend and I are planning a Chatelaine SAL then. She'll be stitching Chinese Garden Mandala and I'll be stitching Serengeti Mandala. Yes, about damn time. ;) Ok, on to the subject at hand! :D (A gentle reminder, please make sure your URL correctly links to your blog or album.)