January 2014 IHSW and a Pic

Happy 2014 everyone!! I hope your year started with a stitchy bang!

Me, I'm glad to be starting the year right by posting our first IHSW sign up of 2014 on time. (Shhhh, let's not talk about the fact that it's almost 2 weeks into the new year and this is the first time you've heard from me, LOL!)

The left and right side borders of Spring Knotgarden are done!!! Yee-haw!!!!

I'll be scrolling up to work on the bottom border next. After that, the top border and finally, beads! Hopefully, these will all be accomplished before March. Why March, you ask? That's because my friend and I are planning a Chatelaine SAL then. She'll be stitching Chinese Garden Mandala and I'll be stitching Serengeti Mandala. Yes, about damn time. ;)

Ok, on to the subject at hand! :D (A gentle reminder, please make sure your URL correctly links to your blog or album.)


valerie said…
Spring Garden looks amazing! I think you can get it done by March. You go Joyzse!
geeky Heather said…
Yay, post from Joyze!! *Kermit flail* LOL...it's looking beautiful! Good luck with finishing!
Emma/Itzy said…
Gorgeous stitching as always my dear! Can't wait for IHSW!
Katie said…
It's always nice to see a post from you. Sometimes we just have to wait an extra long time haha.

Beautiful progress. I bet you can meet your goal! You have to cause we all want to watch the progress on the next one!!
Lesley said…
Lovely update on Spring Garden:)
Joysze, I am looking forward to my first IHSW of 2014.
That is a picture well worth waiting for!

I'm sure it will be finished by the time you respond to this comment so maybe I should add Congrats on the progress/Happy Dance (delete as applicable)
Anonymous said…
Spring knotgarden is looking great (although I still keep seeing alien cats :P).
Basia said…
Spring Knotgarden is lovely. Can't wait for my first IHSW
Meari said…
SK is beautiful!
♥ Nia said…
Your project looks soooooooooo gorgeous :)
Spring is stunning. Good luck for a March finish. Thank you for organising IHSW again, I have a wip set aside only for these weekends so hoping for a finish with IHSW's help.

Alicia xo
Kevin said…
Spring Garden is gorgeous!! Wow, I'm totally impressed with your beautiful work. Now you just need to lock yourself in tight this weekend and get to work on the top and bottom. Lol!
Holy WOW your projects are amazing!! Do you buy the full kits?
Miamina said…
Happy 2014!

That Chatelaine is looking lovely! I hope that I'll be able to grab some stitchy time this weekend so I've signed up!

BettaJoy said…
I love seeing all your chatelaine's, I have not had the confidence to try one yet! cannot wait to see Serengeti though, those oranges!
BettaJoy said…
Opps! Posted under the wrong e-mail!

BettaJoy = The Maiden
Susan said…
Great progress on Spring Garden. Thanks for hosting IHSW again.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful stitching!
I would like to join IHSW. What a great idea!
Anne said…
Gorgeous darling!! I signed up at the last moment!! I'll email you stuff tomorrow :D HMBW~~~
Lonneke said…
Very beautiful, as ever!
A bit late to join, but I am enjoying a lovely IHSW. :)
bells said…
Wow Joyce! Spring Knotgarden looks absolutely FABULOUS! Can't wait to see more!!
Oh my goodness! This is just gorgeous- what patience you have!!!
Thoeria said…
That is amazing!! Really beautiful ......soooo tempting..... :)
Stitching Noni said…
Knot Garden looks lovely!
I forgot to come over and join up.... But I did stitch - but seeing as I can't show anything yet you will just have to take my word for it!!!
Can't wait to see some more Chatelaine action :)
Hugs x
Mom E. said…
I just found this party.....for hermit stitchers!!! I am so excited to join in next month! Maybe I will get some things finished over the course of...some tie!
Bonnie Brown said…
I'm a little behind, and it looks like the place to put your link is gone, so here it is LOL


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