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IHSW February Report

Hello, my dears!!!! How were your IHSW's? I hope you tore yourselves away long enough from those hunks to do some stitching. ;) We had 82 hermitters in February!!! WHEEE!!! I'm going to need to carve out some major blog hopping time this week. I hope you'll all be able to do the same. :D
As for me, Lilac is coming along quite nicely. I had planned to get the flowers done over the weekend laid plans and all that. LOL!

My parents will be leaving this Saturday *cry*, so I don't anticipate much will get done till after they leave.

Friday Randomness & IHSW

Hi everyone, it's finally IHSW!!! Are you ready to put your needle to the fabric and stitch your little fingers to the bone? If you haven't had time to JOIN UP, it's not too late, and while we are working feverishly to produce eye-candy for our readers, it seems fair play to reward ourselves with some in return. Wouldn't you agree? ;)

Happy IHSW everyone!!!

February IHSW Sign Up

It's that time of the month again–the 3rd full Friday-Sunday weekend of the month–IHSW'ers unite for a sore bum (as Mouse calls it) weekend!

How silly of me to not have included details of my new start previously. It's Lilac from Nora's Pixie Couture line and the fabric is PTP's Masquerade, 32ct opalescent lugana. I gotta say, though I'm not a fabric snob and despite the 32ct, this has to be one of my least favorite fabbies. The holes are near impossible to see. Blargh!! I have to keep myself psyched up for another two pixies on this fabric type though, so be forewarned for more follow-up complaints. ;)

As of last night:

You know what to do. :D

Stitching Bandits' Chatelaine Challenge

I have a cold! Boo-hoo!! But did I let that stop me from getting the details for the Stitching Bandits' Chatelaine Challenge (SBCC) posted? Heck, no!! I bravely sniffled through each word and hacked through every paragraph, *looks around to see if she's getting any sympathy*, and am happy to report that it's finally ready, with icon and all!!

I will be hosting this event over at the Chatelaine Stitchers' blog as it's the better venue to showcase all our gorgeous Chatelaine WIPs and finishes. If you have intimated your desire to be a part of the challenge and have received an invite from me and followed through, you are set up and should see your name on the right sidebar on the Chatelaine Stitcher's blog. Regardless of this fact, please add your name to the list on the SBCC page.

I know quite a lot of you have been waiting patiently for the details. The wait is over! Come on over and join us!

Stitching Bandits' Chatelaine Challenge

Secret Stitching Sweetheart

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching always has the best ideas for celebrating different occasions. For Valentine's Day this year, she's running the Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop. We're supposed to send her something we've stitched that's suited for Valentine. Jo then sends us each a random pic and we have to post it on Valentine's Day. CLICK HERE for a list of the participants this year.

Here is my Valentine stitchy present. Will my special Valentine stitcher please stand up, lay prone, sit down or, well, if you've gotta squat, you gotta squat (however you read blogs is just fine with me, LOL!!,) and leave a comment to identify yourself? :D

Just a quick reminder: IHSW is not till next week, since that is our 3rd full Friday-Sunday weekend. Stay tuned for the sign up list come Monday. :D

A New Start

Well, those are definitely rare words from me, but with Spring Knotgarden finished and Serengeti slotted for March, it seemed to the be perfect time to get a pixie done. ;)

Sara, my 'be-good' partner, and I promised each other that this will be our year to be good about posting and stitching and she promised me eight-WIP finishes! WHHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!

A quick post on my weekend stitching since I'm heading out the door to pick my parents up to go shopping. :D

Spring Knotgarden - A Pictorial

I have for you today, my dear readers, the proof that Spring Knotgarden aka Alien Cats with Temple Hats is finished! Thanks for your companionship through this journey. You are all invaluable to me. *hugs*

Since this is going to be a picture heavy post I won't say much other than that Martina has created another masterpiece and it looks even better in real life!!!

The Particulars: Spring Knotgarden by Chatelaine (Martina Rosenberg) Fabric: 32ct White Jobelan Kit from Started: Apr. 8th, 2011 Stopped: July 7th, 2011 Started again: October, 2013 Finished!! Jan. 31st, 2014


With January/February's Theme-a-li-cious and TUSAL reporting dates so close to each other, I decided to marry them together for:

January's Theme-a-licious theme was Jardin January, which was right up Spring Knotgarden's alley. For February, we will be stitching on "Fantastical Fiction," which means a pixie for me. On that subject, PTP's Masquerade is scrolled and ready to go . . .

. . . which also means, for those of you who are wondering, Spring Knotgarden is finished!!! :D The final bead went in during the wee hours of the morning and I promise pics will follow soon.
Today is the second day of Chinese New Year and we cooked most of the day for the reunion dinner with my cousin and her family.

I'm tired now. I think I'm going to have some wine and think about starting Lilac. LOL!!!