A New Start

Well, those are definitely rare words from me, but with Spring Knotgarden finished and Serengeti slotted for March, it seemed to the be perfect time to get a pixie done. ;)

Sara, my 'be-good' partner, and I promised each other that this will be our year to be good about posting and stitching and she promised me eight-WIP finishes! WHHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!

A quick post on my weekend stitching since I'm heading out the door to pick my parents up to go shopping. :D


geeky Heather said…
Hooray for new starts!!! =D
Yay for new starts! That fabric is gorgeous Joyce - details please :)
Excellent start! Mrs. MBK I think the fabric is PTP's Masquerade, but I'd like to know which pixie it is!
Kate said…
beautiful!! love new starts!
That's quite a bit already for a new start, nice work ^_^ Can't wait to see the pixie coming out of this beautiful fabric :D
looking good!! Pretty fabric!!
Katie said…
Gorgeous fabric and adorable start. Keep it up!
Barbi said…
Great start on your new pixie! I love new starts!
Gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see the pixie take shape.
Stitching Noni said…
Great new start! Well done :o)
Very pretty fabric - can't wait to see the pixie emerge out of the gorgeous colour :o)
Hugs xx
Anonymous said…
gorgeous, love the fabric
Kate said…
Gorgeous new start
Thoeria said…
That fabric is GORGEOUS!!! Please tell us all where that came from! And what it's called :)
Lonneke said…
Love the fabric.
Great start. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Love the fabby, beautiful colour.
Nice start. The pixies are fairly quick to stitch, how many have you done now?

The fabric is lovely too.
Annie said…
Great new start! That fabric is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Hello Joyce
I am loving your new start so far. The fabric is beautiful!
valerie said…
Whheeee! It's Lilac! Maybe I should pull mine out to SAL with you. It's been hiding in a bag for ages because I got frustrated with her.
The Maiden said…
I stitched her and the flowers were a confetti nightmare! I am sure it will be easy for you after all those Chatelaines! Looking forward to seeing your progress, and great fabric choice!
Isadarena said…
Beautiful Joyce and I like the fabric you chose for your pixxies :)
Have a sweet day,
Jennifer Catena said…
Gorgeous new start Joyce! Love the fabbie choice!
Susan said…
Nice project choice and great start.
Chris said…
Great to have a new start I have promised myself one in March as I want to clear my WIPs this year, so need to finish another. I have just finished a Cut Thru... Your Chateliane is absolutely
fab-u-lous!!!!Mine is hiding at the bottom of my basket as a UFO You have encouraged me, so I might do a little of it.
Happy new starts!!
Chris x
Jane said…
The fabric is pretty. I look forward to seeing your progress.
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Yay for the new start and great progress already... and for the "Be-Good" post eheheh :) The fabric is definitely perfect for the colours of the pixie :) Love it :)

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