March 2014 IHSW Signup

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Is it that time already?? I have to admit that work was not the only thing keeping me busy, cos, ermm..... I've started playing Diablo 3 again. *gasp* LOL!!! That, I'm happy to report, is going successfully. *giggle*

For the first time in almost two years, I won't be IHSW'ing this weekend. I know, the horror of it all!! But, I have bonus XP till the 24th of the month and there are lots of leveling to do. ;)

I will, however, be with all of you in stitching spirit and look forward to reading about your weekends. :D


Anne said…
That's where you've been! Holed up playing Diablo!! LOL!! I was thinking about you and realized I hadn't emailed you in sometime. Been busy but now on Spring Break. Can't join in this weekend since we are going camping for 3 days...Lee's crazy idea! HMBW!!!
I'm in!
Thank you for keeping up with this opportunity of us be stitiching all togethe despite we're in different parts of the globe. It's like gathering us in the same room (can you imagine the noise? The laughs?)
Sara said…
Count me in to :) I've been off my blog because of work but not off from stitching :)
I tagged you in a shared picture on FB. Let me know what you think!
Definitely want to get some IHSW stitching in ,thanks Joyce
Gillie said…
Well, I stitch quite a lot during the week but being an idle stay at home but will promise to update my blog, lol......

I knew I should have checked my Random Thoughts from Abroad.......

Not from Above! Could you please change it, Joysze? Thank you!
So I'm not the only who keeps being distracted by gaming :D Hope you're havong fun ^^
Julie said…
Enjoy your gaming, i'll be looking forward to seeing how all your ladies get on this weekend, I wonder if any of them will be a the stitchers meet up I am attending... will have to ask them.
Katie said…
LOL you sound as bad as my son. As long as you are happy that's all that matters though.

Did the expansion come out?
Unknown said…
I love this idea and have a lovely weekend coming up with no plans :) Definitely time to become a hermit :) x
Anonymous said…
Have fun! Thank you for setting this up every month! ~Jaime
Stitching Noni said…
I forgot to come over & sign up :(
Still I some stitching... Now to go and see what everyone else did!
Hope your progress in the game went well!
Hugs xx

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