May 2014 IHSW

Hello, my dears!!! It's that time of the month again! IHSW (and me putting the sign up late, hehe).

I had every intention of stitching this weekend, I did, I did!! I even picked up Lilac a few days ago. But then, darn if it's not D3's 2nd anniversary and a community event was announced where they are increasing legendary item drops. Siiiiiigh. So, I don't think I'll be forecasting any stitching for me this weekend. :( How about y'all? Looking forward to a stitching weekend or is life getting too busy?

I do have a picture of Lilac though. ;)

Happy IHSW'ing, my dears!!! I will be with you in spirit! :D


Kaisievic said…
She is looking beautiful and sometimes life gets in the way of stitching - darn it!
Minou said…
I love the mother of pearl fan on your chart!
Thoeria said…
Lilac is looking absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy the weekend of gaming :)
diamondc said…
Lilac is such a beautiful pattern love the colors.
I will be stitching starting now I am off today from work.

Happy stitching

Sasha said…
I want to participate this month, but unfortunately I have to finish my current crochet project first. I will be back next month, though!
I think it's a little sad you're not stitching at the moment, I loved watching your awesome work...but than who am I to say anything against gaming, I'm quite addicted myself, and sometimes one hobby just takes over all your free time :D
I hadn't realised it was this weekend either! Lilac is looking good.
Marcy said…
Lilac looks beautiful. There's always next month. I'm stitching today and hope to get some more in tomorrow.
Minnie said…
Whether gaming or stitching enjoy your weekend :-)
Andie said…
Lilac is gorgeous!! Sad about D3 :( Seems like you've been doing that forever.... well about 2 years anyway ;) Hope to see lots of stitching soon!
Unknown said…
Lilac is really pretty Joyce!
Zurainny Ismail said…
Lilac looks so pretty... I've missed a couple of IHSW and I hope to be able to join the fun again this month. ;D
Sasha said…
I want to sign up for June! Isn't that this weekend? Have I just missed the signup?

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