Serengeti WIPs

Finally!!! I have something to show. :D Work has gotten increasingly busy the last few weeks and I kept running out of time to post after IHSW. Before I knew it, we've hit a new week!

Part two of Serengeti took me longer than anticipated. I hate stitching with black thread. The coverage is so abysmal and I fiddle with it for way longer than I should. Complaints aside, I'm happy to report that Parts 1 and 2 are done! Those one-inch squares in in the corners consist of about twelve colors each! Martina never ceases to amaze me with her mastery of colors. :D

On the Lilac front, thanks everyone (!!!) for all your comments. Y'all make it so much fun to share. :D I've since found the fabric backing for her and she's now situated in my closet with her other pixie friends.

Have to get back to work now. :(


demeter83 said…
I'm dreadful at keeping up with people's blogs at the moment for the same reason, free time seems to be something that happens to other people at the moment!
Lilac is gorgeous, and I'm loving seeing Sereghti (I always spell that wrong).
Bea said…
Perfect fabric for Lilac - she really is beautiful. As is Serengeti - great progress.
valerie said…
Great progress on your Serengeti! And your Lilac finishing is gorgeous! She looks great hanging with all her pixie friends. :)
Blu said…
Serengeti looks amazing!
Lilac and her friends look great. (That reminds me that I've been meaning to finish some of my projects like that...)
Ele said…
Wow! Beautiful stitching
Thoeria said…
Your pixie wall is really gorgeous! And great going on Serengeti!
Beautiful finish on the Pixie, looks great with the others. Love your progress on Serengeti
Annie said…
Beautiful stitching, and fabulous finish! Your Pixies look so good hanging together, and how brilliant to put them where you will see them so often!
Looks great, you did fantastic with the coverage of that black! ^_^
Katie said…
Wow beautiful progress. I agree with you about stitching with black. I feel the same way with white. It just never does a perfect job. Your finished finish is perfect! Love them all hanging out together.
Serengeti looks great! I LOVE LOVE LOVEyour closet fairies - is that Miribella?
rosey175 said…
What, you weren't lost in a dungeon all this time?! :D

Love the waterhole colors in the center. These mandalas are such beautiful projects to watch grow~
Linda said…
Congrats on the awesome finish. They all look fantastic hanging together. (But why in the closet)

Marilyn said…
Serengeti is a striking piece.
Lilac turned out beautiful.
Love the way you finished all of the Pixies.
Manuela said…
Great progress on your Serengeti Mandala.
Lovely finish.

Greetings, Manuela
geeky Heather said…
Lovely gorgeous-Ness! =D

There are fresh orchid pictures on my blog... =)
Beautiful work, every piece of the Chatelaine is just divine, those tiny corners would make lovely ornies.

Your pixie closet is growing too, they look lovely mounted like that together.
Debs said…
Beautiful stitching as always. I love the way you have finished the pixies would never had thought of that!
Miamina said…
Wow....just wow! Beautiful finishing of Lilac! Serengeti looks amazing too!

Lets hope you get a bit more free time very soon!
♥ Nia said…
Loooooove to see all your pixies together :D
The Maiden said…
Your fairies are looking great, quite the parade! Your other project is so amazing, I think I have chosen my Chatelaine, Pompeii (this is really your fault)! It is on hold at my LNS, I am just too scared to take the plunge!
Barb said…
I just found your blog and enjoyed it and am following it now. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.
ricketyjo said…
Serengeti is looking absolutely stunning! All the glittery thread really adds something to the piece, amazing!
OMG How cool is your CLOSET!!!!!

Serengeti looks amazing too!
xo Alicia

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