IHSW Sept 2014 & A Quick Update

Three more months and we'll have Christmas upon us! Where did this year go? How is Fall (on Stateside) treating you guys?

I haven't done much stitching over the last month. Hubby and I went home to Malaysia for about two weeks. We found out about a month ago that my dad had a brain tumor that metastasized from his prostate cancer. He was having problems with movement on his left side and after a few tests, the ER doc ordered a CT scan and they found the brain tumor on his frontal lobe.

God is great and merciful! The tumor was located in what is considered a "safe" part of the brain and my dad had brain surgery a week after the diagnosis. The tumor was contained in a little sac which made removal very easy, if such a thing can be said about brain surgery. :) I'm happy to report that dad's recovering nicely and is walking around and gaining strength by the day.

Family pic taken on the day we left. That ladder cracks me up...

L to R back row: Hubby, me, brother's fiancee, brother
Front row: Mom and dad

Now, to the other subject at hand.... IHSW!! I think I shall be giving Serengeti some love this weekend. How about you? What's on your stitchy plate?


Blu said…
That sounds incredibly scary! Glad to hear that your Dad is doing well.
Sasha said…
I'm glad things turned out for your dad!
Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate this month for IHSW, but next month, if all goes well, I'll be back in action!
Bea said…
I'm happy for you that things went so well for your dad. Wishing him a quick and uncomplicated recovery.

I'm at a stitching retreat this weekend, so I'll be hermitting with about 15 others. Should be a blast.
Thoeria said…
That must have been nerve wracking experience,but I am pleased that your dad is on the oaf to recovery

Will be squeezing In stitching for sure!!
Mouse said…
some one was defo up there looking after your dad and oooooo how nice to see a photo of you and you are just how I imagined you to look too ..:) (there is one of me on my blog eeekkk ..lol)
hoping to get some stitching done but don't hold your breath ... things are rather hectic around here at the moment ... love mouse xxxx
llknbillburg said…
Lovely family pic!! So glad your dad is recovering!! Laura
Carla Eldridge said…
You have a beautiful family! I am very glad that your beautiful family is intact and your father is healing nicely <3
Sorry to hear your father has been unwell but glad to hear that the surgery went smoothly and he is on the road to recovery. Lovely family photo.
Isadarena said…
Sweet Joyce, I am so sorry to know that about your Dad but fortunately he recovers nicely from his brain surgery. yor family photo os so nice :)
About the IHSW...I just start on my Serengeti this afternoon, so I don't have yet any photos to show you :-(
I'm glad your dad is feeling better and that you had a nice little vacation with your family :D

Now I'm looking foward to a weekend of stitching, both yours and my own ^_^
Minnie said…
So happy your father is on the road to recovery and that is a great picture. You will have to share the story of the ladder. I will be joining the IHSW, with all of the SALs I have I'll find something to stitch.
Your dad does look very well considering he has just had brain surgery. My Nana was one of the pioneers in the 1960s at Addenbrooke's Hospital in the UK. She lived for over thirty years after surgery until she was 84, they were very proud of her!

Not sure what I will be stitching this weekend but it will probably be Hallowe'en themed!
Susan said…
Whirlwind trip, but definitely a good reason. Glad to hear that you're Dad is doing well - very scary. I'm not sure I'll be stitching this weekend, so won't enter and I'm not even sure what I'd work on if I did.
valerie said…
How scary! So glad your dad is ok and feeling better! I have a whole day dedicated to stitching this weekend. So excited!I'll either work on Lilac or a L*K. :)
demeter83 said…
So glad that you dad is on the mend, and hope that you're doing okay!

For the first time in months I'm actually about for IHSW so hopefully I'll have some progress to show tomorrow!
Kaisievic said…
So glad to read that your Dad is in the mend. Great family pic, too.
Katie said…
Someone keeps planning things on my IHSW weekends so I miss out. How dare they. But next month I'll be at a stitching retreat during IHSW so I'll definitely be joining in finally.

So glad your dad's tumor was easy to get taken care of. Such a scary thing to have happened.
Melissa said…
I am so glad to hear your dad's brain surgery went well, and I hope he is doing well!
Zurainny Ismail said…
That must have been a harrowing experience for your whole family. My dad had brain surgery too, earlier this month, for his aneurysm. Fortunately, it's unruptured aneurysm, and he is recovering marvelously. I guess you just missed the heavy rainy season when you were here. :D
Jennifer Catena said…
Joyce, I am so glad your Dad's surgery was successful. My prayers and thoughts are with your family. I'm sure these last months have been difficult but I hope the coming days bring him healing & good health and peace to you & your family.


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