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November (& October) IHSW

Hiya, stitchy darlings!!! I'm still alive (YAY!!), work is still crazy (BOO!), there is still not enough time (BOO!), I'm still not stitching (BOO!), dad's doing well (YAY!)... My stitching mojo is completely gone. I dunno where it is and I'm too tired to even go looking for it. Have any of you seen it, by chance? When I get it back, I told a friend I'd do a quick side project for him. He'd mentioned one day that he'd like to give it to his wife. Said project? Hopefully, I'll be able to get to it soon. I still have to chart it out and pick out the floss colors. At least I didn't forget about this month's IHSW. :D I'm not sure if I'm getting any stitching done though as it's hubby's birthday weekend. Also, on the subject of IHSW, are y'all still interested in carrying it forward into next year?