IHSW December 2014

This is IHSW, right?? I went back and counted and... YES, it is!!! :D Though, with it being the weekend before Christmas, I'm not sure if the need to hermit will be at an all-time high or a no-time at all! ;)

So sorry about miscounting last month! I fully intended to have two IHSW as Jo requested but, as always, time ran away from me.

IHSW for 2015 is ON!!!!!!! I shall endeavor to be more involved than I have been this year. I have even gone as far as plan out things I'd want to stitch–a big step seeing as how I haven't touched needle nor thread in quite a few months.

Here's to our final IHSW of this year!!! I did a quick image search for something that would spur us on, and well, CHOOSE YOUR POISON! :D Of course, there is no rule to say you can't have both... ;)


Kaisievic said…
Thank you so much for hosting this again this year, Joysze.
Keebles said…
No worries! Here lately, every single weekend has been a IHSW for me!
pandy said…
I can actually participate!!! Yay for finally having a weekend OFF! :)
Suz said…
1. Huzzah for IHSW 2015!
2. I need this so badly, I've just worked 12 straight days. Sitting on the couch mindlessly stabbing something will feel great (bonus: partner will be out of town, so no one to interrupt!)
Yay Joyce! I'll take them both ;).
Katie said…
I'll be joining in when I can. Tomorrow I have lots of wrapping to do but I'll hurry so I can get those X's made. Glad to hear you are hosting next year. I love IHSWing.
Shannon K said…
I haven't participated in IHSW in a very long time, so I am excited to do so this month. :)
Anne said…
Joyce?!!! It's been ages since I've chatted with you. I've been meaning to email you but just got on vacation. I hope to check in with you soon! Huggles!
Stitching Noni said…
The last few months haven't been good stitching wise for me..... but 2015 is going to be better!! Thank you for hosting again in 2015!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2015!
Hugs xx
SueFitz said…
Missed the Dec dates, but hope to participate in 2015
demeter83 said…
I've been very absent from IHSW this year, so hopefully I'll be able to get more involved as well!
Happy new Year
Anonymous said…
Hello! I'm joining for 2015. I thought I wanted to quit stitching and it turns out that wasn't the case. Here's to having some new stitching in 2015!

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