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IHSW September 2015

So sorry this is waaaaaaaaaay late!!!!!! I meant to take a current pic of Serengeti this morning and forgot. I meant to pack tea bags for poor sick hubby and I forgot. To top it all off, I forgot to pack roti to go with the lamb kebabs I made for lunch. *bash head*

*bash head* *bash head* *bash head* *bash head* *bash head*

Hmm..... maybe that's why I'm forgetting things, cos I keep bashing my head. >.<

To the subject at hand... I've had quite a few stitchers mention that it's hard to locate the IHSW update posts cos the links on the sign up posts are to the main blogs. I totally see the problem here. So, I'm going to adjust the link process a little. Eventually, we'll post our links for IHSW after the weekend so that we can have the specific link for the blog post to showcase what we've worked on.

For this month and possibly the next, I'll do it both ways, i.e. sign up today and then report in next week with the specific links.

I hope this all m…

August IHSW Pt. 2 et al

"I'm late, I'm late!!", she says–definitely along the vein of the White Rabbit and not even touching the vicinity of the other option. (You know, of the squalling, pooping, keep-you-zombified, but oh-so-cute variety. ;) )

First! Serengeti: It now has sides but has been slow going since I'm working on both sides at once and the past weekend was unnaturally busy. I chip away a little bit here and there during the week nights, so there have been more colors added since this picture. This weekend is shaping up quite unkind for stitching as well, so we'll see how much I can get done.

Second! Mirabilia news: Haven't stitched one of these in quite a while. I usually like to slot them in between Chatelaines since they provide nice break and well, you all know how long Serengeti is taking. ;) Next one up will be Moon Flowers which I'm stitching for my cousin (she's the one that I stitched Sabrina for a few years back) who will be purchasing all the materials…

IHSW August 2015 - Part 1

Hmm... I thought for sure this was the third full weekend (including Friday) of the month but 'tis not! What to do, what to do? Have two IHSWs, you say? Why ever not? :D

I finished the side sections linking from the pinnacle this past weekend and will continue on towards the center of the design which will consists of two pinnacles, one third of the outer border arm on both sides, two eagles, and the ostrich and secretary bird inserts. Holy moly, that's a lot for the next stitching section! I'm not even going to think ahead to when I have to do the baobab and acacia trees again. Oh, who am I kidding? I've been thinking about that for days!

Well, I'll be stitching this weekend! How about you? :D

All Things Chatelaine Designs

Can it really be that I'm posting again so soon since the last post?! Nope, I just checked... it's not snowing here in Florida. ;)

The nice thing about stitching again is there are pictures to show!! The center pinnacles on Serengeti are so gorgeous stitched up and the first one went pretty quickly too. One down, three to go. :D (Amanda, allow me to tempt you more. Mwa-hahaha!!)

I took a picture of what my frame looks like right now with the chart spanning the entire width. I quite enjoyed drawing the ochre rainbow to cover the chart. I'm working on the two sides simultaneously so it might take me awhile to get them done.

EeKoon, my sister-of-the-heart, has been buying me Europeanxs GCs over the last three years for my birthdays. I finally decided to use them this year and treated myself to the Autumn Watergarden kit in June. It arrived yesterday, beautifully packaged as usual!!! I'm thinking of stitching it on white belfast. Start date? Not sure, but definitely after …

Come Fly Away...

...let's fly, let's fly away If you can use some exotic booze There's a bar in far Bombay Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away -Frank Sinatra
Ooooh, exotic booze!! Although, that will make me tipsy, which will mean that I'll make stitching mistakes, which will then mean I'll have to do mean things to the frogs, and I don't eat frog legs. Ok... no exotic booze for this girl... just wine!... ok, and beer!!! :D

One medallion and eagle done!! Working on the outer border next.

Thank you all so much for the reader suggestions. I will, hopefully, have some time this weekend to check them out.

Happy weekend everyone!!! Hope it's a relaxing one!

What to call this post?

LOL! That's what I've been mulling over the last few minutes, so I decided why not just title it that, so there ya go!

I have a new stitchy toy!! It came about cos I was in a pissy mood from having to look aaaaaaaall the way down to my iPhone while backstitching tree branches aaaaaaaaall the way up on the fabric. Hubby to the rescue, as usual, and he rigged an iPad holder onto a binder clip for me. :D I showed it to some of my friends and they asked if it was so I could stitch and chat at the same time! HAHAH!!! Awesome by-product, doncha think? ;)

Which leads me to...

I've changed my mind about my dad's memoriam piece. I was browsing HAED the other day and came upon SPML's Yexian Pure of Heart and absolutely fell in love. My dad love nature and fish and this chart, along with the Chinese folklore, seems to suit him more than my previous choice. Start date will still be next year, of course, since Serengeti needs to be finished. :)

I need to figure out how to bette…

IHSW July 2015 Report and then some

How do Mondays come around so quickly? I hermitted most of the weekend, but sad to say, I didn't get as much stitching done as I'd have liked. My intention was to complete all the baobab and umbrella acacia trees in both of the corners but, as you can see, failed miserably. The starts and stops were really tedious and got the better of me. Ugh!

Today is our 19th anniversary. How time flies! We celebrated by making a steak dinner with pan-fried potatoes, and butter-grilled brussel sprouts last night. Forgot to take a picture before we gobbled it all down!

For my birthday every year, my very dear friend, Heidi, gifts me with a drawing. This year, I was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous crowned crane which immediately got framed and hung up on what I call my "Heidi Wall!"

IHSW July 2015

First off, thank you all so much for your feedback regarding the FB IHSW group. It was an idea I was toying with but let's keep IHSW on bogland! :D I agree with your sentiments that there is something so soothing and calming about visiting a blog. It's taking the time to catch up with a friend instead of going through the hustle and bustle of and being bombarded with pictures and shares and what nots.

To the subject at hand then! :D Can you believe it's July already??? Half the year is gone! How can time move so quickly? Doesn't it know that we have lots of stitching to do and goals to meet?

Speaking of goals, I met mine of finishing the lion's panel as well as the two corners on either side of it last weekend. The lion panel took a while as hubby and I decided to make some slight changes to the coloring of the lioness' fur as well as the thread for the lion's mane. We wanted his mane to be fuzzy but did you know that sandpaper is detrimental to the effecti…

IHSW June Report

Hippo in da house!!! :D This took so much longer than anticipated. Martina really pack things in in glorious details and colors! I didn't even notice the forested background till I saw this picture on the computer!

I've been thinking on the topic of Facebook for a while now. I'm not in the camp of the people who advertise where they are and what they're having for lunch and what not, but over the last week, I've found it quite enjoyable to relax by looking at beautiful photographs of stitching and scenery between stitching and work.

As far as I know, there are 3 groups of people:
Hates Facebook, doesn't want to have anything to do with itLoves Facebook, for catching up and getting news, to the exclusion of reading blogs and forumsUses both Facebook and other online platforms
The reason for this line of thought? I'm wondering if we'd like to start an IHSW group on Facebook. IHSW has evolved quite a bit since its conception and with everyone's hectic l…

June 2015 IHSW

It occurred to me that, with all that was going on, I totally forgot about IHSW last month. Well, hopefully it's all back on track after this.

We were inundated with spam in April's IHSW sign up and I was going to look for another list host,  but according to Simply Linked, they've sorted everything out. I'm willing to give them another go since I like the clean layout of their lists. *fingers crossed*

I finished the zebra and cheetah panel earlier last week and was hoping to have made a huge dent on the hippo panel over the weekend but a conference over the weekend nixed that idea completely. So far, there are no plans for this weekend. Here's to hoping that I don't stay exhausted...

Thank You and Stitching Updates

First and foremost, thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words and condolences about my dad. I felt your love and care in every one of your words.

It still feels very surreal that he's no longer with us and that we'll never see physically see him again. Some days are better than others. I try and not dwell in or think about it too much but there are certain times, like when I was filing away some pictures on my laptop and unexpectedly saw a picture of him from last year that I had left loose in a folder, that it hits me really hard. Then there was one night, while falling asleep, I thought about him buried in the ground and I don't think I'm still quite comprehending how that could be. The thing we take comfort in is that he is home with a God that loves him over and above we ever can and that he is healthy again.

I've been thinking about stitching something in remembrance of my dad. Novia and EeKoon suggested something to do with orchids since those were his…

Bye, pa

Ezra Loke Beloved husband and father November 30, 1940 - May 11, 2015

What do I say about my dad? How do I compress a lifetime of thoughts and feelings into just a few minutes? I’m afraid that hard as I try, I will come up short.

My earliest story about him was the fact that he took time off to wait for my birth, but the stubborn girl I was, I waited till he absolutely had to go to a meeting outstation before making my appearance. As mom tells it, his first question on the phone call wasn’t if I was a girl or boy. That didn’t matter to him at all. Nope… what mattered was that I had 10 fingers and 10 toes and most importantly, he wanted to know if I had his nose.

While he wasn’t always available, due in part to pastoring churches outstation, I had no wants. I've thought on this subject for quite a while and I can’t come up with an instance where he’s ever said no to me. It could be something as simple as mentioning about trying my hand at getting Computer certification… this was tryi…

Update and Stuff

First off, thanks Rosey and Minnie for alerting me to the fact that those #*$#@!^ websites spammed our IHSW list. I'm so pissed off!! I can't believe simply-linked has relaxed their security so much. I'll be looking for an alternative to host our links from next month, but as a result of those freaking spammers, I've closed this month's sign up.

I'm flying back to Malaysia tomorrow. It's a last minute trip as my dad hasn't been doing well as his cancer has gotten really aggressive. I just spoke to my mom and he's improved quite a bit today as compared to the last few days. I'm not sure how long I'll be there but I'm praying for a miracle. Please say a prayer for my dad as well. :)

This will be the first time hubby and I will be apart for more than a weekend and I'm having a tough time with it. Ugh!!! Oh... did I mention that the total travel time will be almost 31 hours? Double ugh!!

The one thing I'm looking forward to? Being ab…

April 2015 IHSW

What do they say about the best laid plans?

My grandiose plans of finishing Deco by May 7th this year has been thrown out like yesterday's very stinky garbage. Oh, it didn't get to that point right away but instead deteriorated slowly from "I want to finish it!" to "I don't feel like stitching!" to "Where are you, damn mojo!!!" to "Ah... forget it! I'm just going to watch tv!" LOL!! The last time I stitched? Almost a month ago!! *smacks forehead*

Any of you have some mojo to spare? ;)

I'm not sure if I'll be stitching this weekend either. Saturday is mostly going to be taken up with work-related stuff (ugh!!) which means Sunday will inherit all the chores. I've been toying with the idea of starting something new, but then y'all know that new starts and I aren't good friends. LOL!!

Have a wonderful IHSW!! *HUUUUUUGS!!!*

IHSW March 2015

I'm on a roll! We're only three months in to 2015 and I'm posting IHSW signup on time for the third time this year. :D Let's hope that the cycle continues. ;)
Thanks for all your encouragement about finishing Deco Spirits by May 6th! I shall surely try and had grand plans about finishing Water by yesterday. Alas, I was foiled by a mango and a peeler and had to stitch maimed for most of last night!! If I'd cut any deeper, I think I'd have lobbed off the tip of my finger! :O

So, one day pass my self-imposed deadline, Deco looks like this:

My sweet, sweet cousin, for whom I stitched Sabrina a few years ago, and for whom I'm planning on stitching Stargazer later this year or early next year, spent hours this past weekend baking chinese pineapple tarts and brought me some!! I was so excited to get it that I ate one before taking a pic for you guys. LOL!

You know what I'll be working on this weekend, how about you?


That's me after lunch today! My biz partner bought me an apple fritter (OMG, sooooo good!!!) and of course I had to eat it with coffee, which resulted in me going full on Tigger! LOL

Too bad I don't have anyone to bowl over! Any volunteers??? :D

Onward ho to stitching news!! I stitched!!! What do you mean you don't believe me?? Take a look at this honest, earnest face! Pics or it didn't happen??!! Well! I never!!! Fine! Be like that!!!

Told ya! :D
So, here's the thing... I'm stitching this for a dear friend who's visiting the beginning of May. I'd like to have it done by then so that I can send it home with her, as I get heart palpitations sending out my babies into the big, bad world care of the post office. To achieve that, I'll need to finish the current part by the 15th of this month and then allocating two weeks each for the three parts. I don't think it's doable. :( Ah well, we shall see.
Happy weekend, my dears!! Rawr!!!

Friday Randomness

I fully intended to post this earlier but time has just flown today. I also intended to post a quick WIP of Deco Spirits but I think you will all agree that it can wait. ;)

Happy Weekend, everyone! :D