Friday Randomness

It's been forever since we had one of these. So much so that I had to look through the archives only to discover that it was almost a year ago!!! EGADS!!! Have I been remissed or have I been remissed?!!

Well, stitching on FoF has progressed some. I now have a little monster. :D

For today's Randomness, I leave you with some cool .gifs that I've been collecting from hubby and friends over the last few months....

ETA: to answer the questions of "why is someone shooting at a panda?", hubby's theory is that China uses them for their reenactment of the storming of the beaches at Normandy. LOL!! But, in all seriousness, the shots were digitally added to the video of this panda performing what I presume is his king fu routine. LOL!!


Kaisievic said…
I have to ask, why is someone shooting at a panda?
Bea said…
that was my first thought as well!
Julie said…
Hope the woman going up the escalator was not injured!
CJ said…
Funny videos, TFS..''CJ
Katie said…
LOL your stitching does look like a monster. Love the GIFs. The cat walking by the dog is adorable haha. Yeah Yeah look at me. Keep up that stitching and the updating!!
What a cute little monster you have there! :D
Stitching Noni said…
Oh have so missed your Friday Randomness posts!! :o)
Hugs xx
Susan said…
Randomness!! I have missed you!! I'm mean and like the lady and the escalator most. I do have to say that is the most movement I have ever seen from any panda - maybe I am just there at naptime.
Love your monster! I've seen that one of the little old lady going up the escalator in an interesting way. It kills me everytime. She's got style LOL!
xo Alicia

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