Jan 2015 IHSW Report

Our IHSW 2015 is off to an awesome start!!!! 60 blogs to visit! I can't wait to see all the pretties. :D

Believe it or not, I have an update myself. Wow!!! I haven't done one of these in so long I'm not sure I know how to go about it. Ok, let's see...

*peers through the cobwebs, brushes them aside*

I think I'm supposed to write something and post some pictures, right? LOL!

*flexes fingers*

Lately, I've been feeling the urges to stitch again. Thank goodness for that! D3's claws have abetted quite a bit and since I was feeling lacksey-daisical about it yesterday, I did all the prep work and started work on the "Field of Fucks" project for my friend, Piffle. Whoop, whoop!!! Haven't done much on it but it's a start. I'm hoping to get this done, hmm, inside of two weeks. Possible? We shall see. ^.^


Keebles said…
So nice to see you stitching again! We missed you!!!
CJ said…
So glad that the mojo is coming back. Thanks for hosting

Marcy said…
hehehe ... cute project. Enjoy!
Nice to see some stitching from our illustrious leader!

I always join in with IHSW but usually forget to blog specifically about it! Maybe that's because every weekend is a hermit weekend for me.
Katie said…
Wow a stitching related post from you *passes out*. Let's see if I remember how to respond....Great job. LOL this project is just too funny. Good luck getting in done in your goal time. Tell D3 to leave ya alone haha.
I'm so glad you started stitching again...that's a lovely fabric you got there :)
Linda said…
Glad your back to stitching Joyce. I like your new start. I don't see how anybody can stitch those little tiny holes.

Mouse said…
kerrrrrplunk .... you have stitched .... heheheh ... not quite sure about the title for that piece .. my poor delicate ears ..lol
good luck in getting it done on time :) love mouse xxxxx
Deb said…
I am wondering about the title of that too!!!
Happy you are stitching again!!!
Faith... said…
You are off to a great start!
Anonymous said…

It's great to see you posting.
You are off to a nice start. I can't wait to see more progress.

I even stitched some this weekend.

Have a great week ahead.
:) Your stitching bug came back around the same time mine did. Great work on FofF!
rosey175 said…
You are alive! And not dungeon crawling~! Love that piece you're working on, both the fabric and the sentiment, hah. :D
Barbi said…
Don't feel bad I just hopped back on the stitching and blogging wagon after being gone since June. It's all good!
Bea said…
Great start! So good to see you posting again.
Claudette497 said…
That's such a fun project!
Stitching Noni said…
yeah! wonderful to see a needle in your hand again :o)
I managed to stitch and post.... so off to a good start for 2015 - let's see if the pace can be maintained as the year progresses!!
Hugs xx

Fireflies & Cats in the Garden
Anonymous said…
Uh, stitches :3 Congratulations!

My BF got a PS4 and Diabolo3 with a second controller, so we play it together. We didn't get that far (we bought that just a few days ago), but it's truly amazing. We encountered the first rainbow goblin (not sure about translation, we play in german) :D Oh my! :D
I feel my stitching is in great danger, lol, I should have known that this could happen :D
Kate said…
Great start! My stitching plans went out the window - had a trip to London instead.
Novia said…
Finally your needle is smoking again. I don't see any rust so it is good lol.
So awesome to see you stitching again! I hope this means a return of the mojo :D
Lesley said…
Lovely IHSW stitching Joyce.
Miamina said…
Great start! Nice to see you doing some stitching again :)
Oooh, stitching and profanity, how spiffy! Those two blocks look like pretty major progress, especially since they're all one color. (I hate those the most.) Congrats on the good start!
Yay Joy I'm so glad to hear that your stitching has returned in the New Year. Sorry I missed the first IHSW but I promise to join in for the next 11.

Great start on your wip stunner
xo Alicia

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