That's me after lunch today! My biz partner bought me an apple fritter (OMG, sooooo good!!!) and of course I had to eat it with coffee, which resulted in me going full on Tigger! LOL

Too bad I don't have anyone to bowl over! Any volunteers??? :D

Onward ho to stitching news!! I stitched!!! What do you mean you don't believe me?? Take a look at this honest, earnest face! Pics or it didn't happen??!! Well! I never!!! Fine! Be like that!!!

Told ya! :D

So, here's the thing... I'm stitching this for a dear friend who's visiting the beginning of May. I'd like to have it done by then so that I can send it home with her, as I get heart palpitations sending out my babies into the big, bad world care of the post office. To achieve that, I'll need to finish the current part by the 15th of this month and then allocating two weeks each for the three parts. I don't think it's doable. :( Ah well, we shall see.

Happy weekend, my dears!! Rawr!!!


You can do it! Just take a deep breath and calculate how many stitches you need to do a day to stay on track, and then do extras in the weekend so you have a buffer for that extra busy day :)
Bea said…
Caffeine and sugar - WOO HOO!! Really like your current piece. You can do it in time, I know you can.
Linda said…
Beautiful design Joyce.

Faith... said…
Good luck getting it finished in time! I think you can do it!!
Wow! Gorgeous colours in this one and it might be possible?
Kate said…
Yup, that would be me with sugar and caffeine, too :-) Love your design; you can do it! You can finish it on time!
Hand me over some stitches! I could help meeting your deadline :) big hug from Mexico.
Beautiful stitching Joyce and if anyone can meet that deadline you can, we'll all cheer you on :).
Thoeria said…
Caffeine....sugar.....stitching and.....oh my.....what a cute.....lion cub ;) sounds like you're organised for a great weekend! Can I get the lion please ?
The Maiden said…
It is doable, just believe (and maybe stop staring at man kitten! hahahaha)
Lesley said…
What a gorgeous design,you can stitch it in time.I'm cheering you on from the sidelines:-)
Marilyn said…
Great progress.
Hope you meet your goal.
Love the last pic of your projects also! ;)
You can do it, just leave all those boring things like housework behind. Eat lots of doughnuts and drink plenty of coffee to such through the night!
I just googled apple fritter and I am not sure I have seen such a thing around here, but it surely looks good :3
You stitching looks great and I believe in you to get it done in time =)
Wow, that looks amazing! I'm sure if you can whip up that ol' stitching speed we all amdmire you for, you'll be able to finish in time :)
Julie said…
Happy stitching... hope you meet your deadline.
Terri said…
Oh my! Rawr indeed! :-)

You can do it!
Katie said…
According to my calendar it's IHSW this weekend so that should help as long as you step away from Diablo and get busy stitching haha.
Joyce your posts always bowl me over LOL! You're such a character. Love the wip, good luck with finishing him. And thanks for the man candy. He has a nice pussy too xo Alicia

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