IHSW March 2015

I'm on a roll! We're only three months in to 2015 and I'm posting IHSW signup on time for the third time this year. :D Let's hope that the cycle continues. ;)
Thanks for all your encouragement about finishing Deco Spirits by May 6th! I shall surely try and had grand plans about finishing Water by yesterday. Alas, I was foiled by a mango and a peeler and had to stitch maimed for most of last night!! If I'd cut any deeper, I think I'd have lobbed off the tip of my finger! :O

So, one day pass my self-imposed deadline, Deco looks like this:

My sweet, sweet cousin, for whom I stitched Sabrina a few years ago, and for whom I'm planning on stitching Stargazer later this year or early next year, spent hours this past weekend baking chinese pineapple tarts and brought me some!! I was so excited to get it that I ate one before taking a pic for you guys. LOL!

You know what I'll be working on this weekend, how about you?


Linda said…
Ouch!! Deco looks fantastic.

Kate said…
Beautiful stitching.
Hope your finger heals quickly.
Ouch indeed! Deco looks stunning and those pineapple tarts look yummy!
Deco is beautiful! Your poor finger!!! love Annette

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I'm in! I will be working on my Scarlet Letter sampler, Elizabeth Shephard. She's going to be my focus for every IHSW this year.
That's the plan anyway!
Julie said…
OUCH!!! that looks sore.
Happy stitching!
Deco is so beautiful.
Your poor finger:-(
Hoping to get lots of stitching done this weekend:-)
Katie said…
Ouch! Glad you didn't do anything worse and that you are still able to stitch. Your stitching looks great! The yummies look yummy. I'm joining in this weekend. Will be working on a Heaven and Earth Design called Aquamarine.
Bea said…
Ow, that looks painful. Deco looks great - that's dedication!
Bea said…
Oh, I forgot - the tarts look delicious!
Justine said…
Poor finger! Hope it's better soon and doesn't stop you stitching. Deco is looking great.
Kate said…
Ouch! That looks painful. I hope you heal soon! Wonderful progress; keep going!
Debs said…
Deco looks great! I hope your finger heals quick and doesn't impact on your stitching.
Marcy said…
Oowie! Don't do that again ... okay? Deco is lookin' good!
Stitching Noni said…
Ouch.... Goodness me that does look nasty! Hopefully it won't hold you up too much with your stitching :o)

I love Deco - it looks fab
Not sure yet what I will stitch on this weekend... but I will be stitching!
Hugs xx
demeter83 said…
Woohoo, first time this year that I can sign up, yay, stitching!
Kaisievic said…
Lovely stitching, yummy food and look after your poor finger, please.
Anne said…
Ouchie! I hope your finger is healed and you're stitching along nicely! I missed the past 3 months but I hope to get in on April when it comes around to IHSW! :)

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