IHSW June Report

Hippo in da house!!! :D This took so much longer than anticipated. Martina really pack things in in glorious details and colors! I didn't even notice the forested background till I saw this picture on the computer!

I've been thinking on the topic of Facebook for a while now. I'm not in the camp of the people who advertise where they are and what they're having for lunch and what not, but over the last week, I've found it quite enjoyable to relax by looking at beautiful photographs of stitching and scenery between stitching and work.

As far as I know, there are 3 groups of people:
  1. Hates Facebook, doesn't want to have anything to do with it
  2. Loves Facebook, for catching up and getting news, to the exclusion of reading blogs and forums
  3. Uses both Facebook and other online platforms

The reason for this line of thought? I'm wondering if we'd like to start an IHSW group on Facebook. IHSW has evolved quite a bit since its conception and with everyone's hectic lives, a lot of us might not be able to stitch on the 3rd weekend of every month. I would, of course, still keep IHSW alive and well on Blogland.

What are your thoughts?


I would join a FB group but I'm not bothered about not having one. I find that with a lot of the groups I only read the posts which pop up in my timeline because a friend has commented or posted.

I did a FB fast for Lent, log on once a day to check messages. It was great and I had so much more time!
Keebles said…
I'm in the "hate Facebook with a passion" camp and haven't had a Facebook account in years, so I voted no because I wouldn't be able to participate. But as long as "blogland" will still be active, I'm right here with ya, and I probably should have voted "don't care".
Bea said…
I'd join a FB group for IHSW, but would be just s happy sticking to blogland.

Your hippo looks great and I LOVE the detail.
Awesome stitching!! Love the hippo and the details. I would join, there are a few stitching groups I'm in on FB. We stitch now and again and post now and again, works well most of the time.
Jan said…
I love the hippo! I really need to get back to some of my Chatelaines. Your stitching is so pretty.
Kate said…
Beautiful stitching! I love the colors. I voted no only because I don't have a Facebook account. I'm in the "don't like Facebook but I can its benefits sometimes" camp. I have thought about opening a private Facebook account only so I can follow some stitching groups. If that ever happens, I'd join in the group, but for now am happy to still have it in blogland.
Anne said…
Love the hippo! Sorry not on facebook any longer! :)
Lesley said…
Your hippo is lovely Joyce.I don't use FB so I voted no:)
That Hippo panel looks amazing! What animals are in the remaining too?

I hardly ever post (openly) on facebook, but I love following my little stitchy groups to look at pretty pretty pictures. I'd really not mind to see some live-IHSW progress as well ^_^
Julie said…
Great hippo, its looking lovely.
No facebook account here.
diamondc said…
Lovely stitching project, love the colors and sampler.
I do not do facebook sorry.

Kate N said…
Love the hippo :)
Tama said…
That hippo is awesome! Love your progress! I'd join if you made a group, too, but am happy with the blog, as well :D
Minnie said…
Your Hippo is beautiful. As for Facebook, I am in several stitching groups there and would probably join the IHSW group but it is something relaxing about coming to the blog and sharing without all of the noise on Facebook.
rosey175 said…
#3, I use Fb, Twitter, and Blogger. Fb is for family though; I would have to make a separate account for stitchy groups as facebook has a mind of its own when determining what one wants to see (eye rolls). I didn't want to choose "don't care" ahaha. Plus no one wants long winded blabber on facebook buuuuuuuuu. :D

Love the "hidden" forest! Just two more panes left?

Katie said…
Wow your stitching is gorgeous! Great progress.

Facebook groups are really hard to keep up with for some reason but I would more than likely join. I love reading blogs cause I can easily see what you've posted.
demeter83 said…
The hippo is so cute!

I think a facebook group is a good idea because it takes the onus off you. Personally I use facebook to keep up with friends (because we've spread ourselves around the country) and then I use it for stitching groups as well!
Love that Hippo! It's been lovely to see your name pop up on FB in the Chatelaine Group I must say. I can take or leave FB, stitching group wise it is often filled with drama llamas so I tend to only join stitching groups that are run by suppliers and designers that tolerate no nonsense :). Whatever works for you I say Joyce - but I will always come here to admire your beautiful stitching!
Susan said…
Wonderful progress. It is amazing how much Martina can put in such a small space. I'm one of the "eh" on Facebook people. Don't hate it but don't really use it either. Read DSon's post just to see what he's doing but that's about it.
Esmeralda said…
I just found out about ihsw and i would love to join the group
How can i join the group ?
I dont have facebook so my vote was no
Love your project, the hippo looks so cute :)
Brigitte said…
Such lovely progress on your Chatelaine design. I love to see all these mandalas on the blogs and follow their progress.
I don't care about FB and have no account. So I'll follow the IHSW on your blog.
Carol said…
I'm no fan of Facebook even though I do belong to a few closed groups there. I find it less than satisfying (as near as I can tell, groups soon become the usual catching up with personal news and I tend to unfollow everyone on the, for that reason) so I voted "don't care" but I would join if one were formed. But please, keep the blog alive.
Kaisievic said…
Hi Joysze, I voted yes because I like to use both but having said that, I would vote no if it meant IHSW was to disappear from blogland. I think that FB and Instagram (which I have noticed a lot of people have started using instead of FB) are only limited in what you can write and share. I love the intimacy of my blog. hugs, Kaye

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