June 2015 IHSW

It occurred to me that, with all that was going on, I totally forgot about IHSW last month. Well, hopefully it's all back on track after this.

We were inundated with spam in April's IHSW sign up and I was going to look for another list host,  but according to Simply Linked, they've sorted everything out. I'm willing to give them another go since I like the clean layout of their lists. *fingers crossed*

I finished the zebra and cheetah panel earlier last week and was hoping to have made a huge dent on the hippo panel over the weekend but a conference over the weekend nixed that idea completely. So far, there are no plans for this weekend. Here's to hoping that I don't stay exhausted...


Kaisievic said…
Hi Joysze, isn't IHSW next weekend? Have I got my dates wrong or are you just early?
Great to have you back and the panel finish is gorgeous!
Kate said…
Lovely progress! I'm looking forward to IHSW; with my husband working nights this month, I've had a lot of stitchy time on my hands.
demeter83 said…
I've been awful at keeping up with IHSW for about two years (since starting my current job, go figure), but hopefully I'll be able to do a bit on Saturday!
Loving the latest panel, it looks so delicate
That panel looks awesome! I'm sure your huge dent will happen over IHSW next weekend :)
Lesley said…
Serengeti is looking amazing Joyce.Hope you do get to stitch this weekend.
I won't be joining in this months IHSW, but I'll be signing up for July.
Julie said…
A lovely project.
diamondc said…
What a beautiful piece, the colors are so vibrant.
I need to get loads of stitching done so am looking forward to ISHW>

Bea said…
Still plodding along with my oldest UFO, so looking forward to a great stitchy weekend.
Katie said…
Beautiful stitching! Keep up that gorgeous work.
Miamina said…
Gorgeous stitching!!

I'm still trying to get back on my feet after being away and suffering an illness, the blog needs an update and I desperately need to get back on with stitching! Let's see if IHSW can help get me back on track! Finger's crossed!!
Typically I am working both days next weekend so I will be hermitting Friday and Monday instead!

Serengeti is looking great, lovely to see progress pictures. Nice to see Martine releasing some of the previous designs too. I was rather taken with The Chinese Gardens. Thanks for the link.
rosey175 said…
I think I will be able to join in this time! We're set to be washed away this weekend so I think it will be a good time to hermit anyway. :D I'm sure you'll manage a dent in Serengeti somehow or another.
Justine said…
Your Serengeti piece is beautiful!
Keebles said…
We all understand, but we totally missed you!
Stitching Noni said…
Well I managed to sign up before the weekend finishes.... let's hope I remember to post!
Serengeti looks gorgeous - great to see your lovely stitching again :o)
Take care
Hugs xx
Marcy said…
It looks great ... all that detail makes it beautiful.

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