Thank You and Stitching Updates

First and foremost, thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words and condolences about my dad. I felt your love and care in every one of your words.

It still feels very surreal that he's no longer with us and that we'll never see physically see him again. Some days are better than others. I try and not dwell in or think about it too much but there are certain times, like when I was filing away some pictures on my laptop and unexpectedly saw a picture of him from last year that I had left loose in a folder, that it hits me really hard. Then there was one night, while falling asleep, I thought about him buried in the ground and I don't think I'm still quite comprehending how that could be. The thing we take comfort in is that he is home with a God that loves him over and above we ever can and that he is healthy again.

I've been thinking about stitching something in remembrance of my dad. Novia and EeKoon suggested something to do with orchids since those were his favorite flowers and I'm always reminded of him when I see them. Took me awhile but I finally found something from GoldenKite that made me smile and filled my heart with joy. I won't be starting this till next year, as I'd like to finish a couple of things first, but I'm definitely looking forward to its start.

Cattleya Orchid and Three Hummingbirds
by Martin Johnson Heade

Meantime, I'm sorry to report that I've lost interest in Deco Spirits. I really love the design and colors of it; I just really loathe that gold thread. Ugh!!! I figured out that using shorter lengths with a knot at one end for the needle's eye to butt up against made it more a bit more manageable. That and unwinding the 3 strands before putting them back together. I made myself finish the Water panel before putting it away though.

Back on the scroll from is ... *drumroll* ... Seeeeeerengeti! It's such a pleasure to have my mojo back for it. I'm still on the zebra and leopard panel and just finished backstitching those little critters last night.

On the subject of blogging, Google sent me an email a while back about making my blog mobile friendly. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do that soon but there is so much customization I've done to the blog that that's going to open up a whole world of hurt. Boo-hoo!! >.<


Bea said…
It's good to have you back!

Don't push yourself too hard - the grief will come and go for quite a while and my advice is just go with it. You will reach a balance.

Looking forward to more of Serengeti.
Carla Eldridge said…
No matter what happens in life...there is always cross stitch <3 I'm pretty sure you will come and go for awhile, but we will all still be here, quietly stitching away until you feel more solid again.
What a beautiful piece to stitch in memory of your Dad! Lovely to see Serengeti out, I'm trying to decide on a possible big Chatelaine start next year and yet again your stitching may swing the vote lol!
Kate N said…
That's a beautiful piece! Sending you hugs and welcome back - I am looking forward to watching you stitch in Serengeti again.
Julie said…
A lovely piece you has chosen to stitch for your memory piece.
Ineke said…
I'm so very sorry for your loss. The surreal feelings will stay for a long time. Just 'flow' in them, don't struggle.
The remembrance piece is lovely. And you'll feel good when you are stitching it. The Nymphs I am stitching are for my mother.
Take care. Hugs.
Agi said…
It is really a beautiful one you choose for your Dad - the stitching will help to grieve him, all the good memories can come back when you are sitting with needle in your hand.

Concerning the gold: did you try thread heaven? it is a non-greasy thingy which helps to tame metallic and rayon, I always use when I feel unconfortable with a floss. Or try treasure braid metallics, they are much better than kreinik (in case you use kreinik...)
I think you have chosen a lovely design as a memorial for your Dad.

Sorry to hear about the metallics giving you trouble too. But at least it means Serengeti gets an airing which is great!
Isabelle said…
Dear Joysze, what a great pleasure to hear from you again.
It is always vey tragical to loose a cherish parent: I have been feeling this sorrow feeling for fifteen years and I think I will have it during all my life.
You have choosen a very nice remembrance piece for your Dad: these orchids are marvellous.
Your Serengeti is coming along beautifully and I'm happy to know your mojo is back: I'm sure that it will help you.
Sending you my warmest hugs,

Lesley said…
Hi Joyce it is lovely to read your post. I think it is a wonderful idea to stitch this beautiful design in memory of your dad, something to look forward to starting which will be stitched with love.
I sorted through my stitching last evening and decided I no longer wanted to stitch a piece I started last year and I feel better just admitting it and putting it away in case it does ever call me again.Got to use our time stitching stuff we enjoy:-)
I am looking forward to seeing your Serengeti project again,the back stitch makes so much difference.
Take care of yourself,one day at a time xx
I'm glad you're finding some comfort in stitching. That orchid piece you picked out is beautiful, I'm looking forward to see you work on it next year :) And for now, I'm positively excited that Serengeti is back!
Katie said…
So nice to see a post from ya. Big Hugs. Love the pattern you picked out. Can't wait to watch your progress with it. Love the zebra panel. Beautiful!! Sorry the other piece doesn't catch your fancy. Maybe next time you pick it up. The piece you finished is beautiful indeed.
So good to see you post again. You've been in my thoughts over these past few weeks. Stitching something in your father's memory sounds like a wonderful idea and you picked a gorgeous piece.

Serengeti looks wonderful! And sorry Deco is such a PITA. The finished panel is amazing though.
Minnie said…
It gets a little easier everyday. Stitching helps and I'm glad you have something you love to stitch.
rosey175 said…
Lookit the kitty! Backstitching sure did a lot for them; are the cheetah spots tiny French knots?

Shame about Deco. Maybe it's one of those pieces you can just nibble at once in a while.

Lovely piece to remember your dad by, it looks so peaceful.
It's hard, hon. For a very long time. I remember about a year after my grandma died, I found a roll of film and took it in to be developed - it was filled with pictures of her and I burst into tears in the middle of the store. You just take time to grieve, and take care of your health, as so much grief comes out physically.

Beautiful, beautiful stitching....
Debs said…
So sorry to hear of your loss, sending hugs your way! It will get easier each and every day, and stitching something with your Dad in mind is a great idea. Can't wait to see updates on it.
Thea Wilson said…
My deepest condolences on you loss and I think the planned piece is beautiful. I've actually considered starting a new piece as my mother had been diagnosed with a second bout of cancer and it's incurable this time, they are working to slow it's place but I've been thinking of stitching her a Dr. Who pieces as she's a huge fan. The thought is that by doing this for a her it gives her something beautiful to see and me something to pour my feelings and frustration into seeing as there isn't anything I can do to help her.

Thea @  Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place
Miamina said…
I think that's a wonderful idea to stitch something in his memory and I'm glad you've found the perfect chart.

You've made some great progress with your stitching and I look forward to seeing your next update.

Love and hugs Sweetie xx
Hey stunner! That is a beautiful chart for your dad. I hope it gets a little easier for you each day and soon the memories of your dad will bring you smiles instead of sadness.

Take care beautiful
xo Alicia
Stitching Noni said…
What a beautiful piece to stitch in memory of your Dad... Grief is a funny thing - it comes back and bites you on the backside when you least expect it - but you should just let it flow on through....

I can quite understand your issues with the gold thread... it looks beautiful but boy it can be tiresome and frustrating to stitch with!

Hugs xx
Lovely stitching. I went to a funeral for one of my grandparents this week and it wasn't fun. But I know it gets easier with time and remember all those good times.

Don't worry you're not the only one having to deal with the mobile stuff I really need to do it!

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