IHSW July 2015 Report and then some

How do Mondays come around so quickly? I hermitted most of the weekend, but sad to say, I didn't get as much stitching done as I'd have liked. My intention was to complete all the baobab and umbrella acacia trees in both of the corners but, as you can see, failed miserably. The starts and stops were really tedious and got the better of me. Ugh!

Today is our 19th anniversary. How time flies! We celebrated by making a steak dinner with pan-fried potatoes, and butter-grilled brussel sprouts last night. Forgot to take a picture before we gobbled it all down!

For my birthday every year, my very dear friend, Heidi, gifts me with a drawing. This year, I was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous crowned crane which immediately got framed and hung up on what I call my "Heidi Wall!"


Esmeralda said…
Congrets on your 19th aniversery
Wish you many msny happy years to come :)
You made good progress and love the colours on it
A stunning project
Greetings from Holland
Bea said…
Congratulations on your anniversary! Best wishes for many, many more happy years.

You made progress and that's what counts. It's such a beautiful piece.
Kate N said…
I am in love with that Chatelaine and its is stunning!

Congratulations on your anniversary :) and I love your friends design.
Great progress, even if you didn't get as far as you wanted too.
Wow, 19 years already! You were a gorgeous bride, and you look like a very happy couple still ^_^
Your friend Heidi must be incredibly talented, that Crane is awesome!
Marilyn said…
That Chatelaine is gorgeous!
Happy Anniversary.
What great pics of both of you.
Neilteil said…
Congratulations on 19 years! :) and you're Chatelaine is looking amazing! Well done.
Kate said…
Beautiful progress! We never get as much stitching done as we'd like, do we? Happy Anniversary!
Terri said…
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!!
Lesley said…
Congratulations to you and your husband Joyce..beautiful photos and your gift from your friend is lovely.

I love Serengeti,any updates are appreciated here:)
Dani - tkdchick said…
Happy Anniversary!!!!

Any progress is still good progress!
Susan said…
Happy Anniversary! And still looking happy together. Belated birthday wishes. The crane is absolutely stunning. Despite not making as much progress as you would have liked Serengeti is looking great.
Happy Anniversary! What an awesome gift, and progress is progress on your mandala. :)
Kaisievic said…
Happy anniversary, my dear - such a lovely couple you make, then and now! Happy birthday, too. And just remember every project is finished one stitch at a time!
Julie said…
A lovely picture of your both, happy anniversary wishes.
Anne said…
Happy birthday and anniversary my sweet and beautiful friend!!!! You haven't changed much in 19 years. Love the painting Heidi made for you and its been great to see you back at Serengeti!!! HMWB!!!
I also find constant changing colours tiring, that's why I love my monochromes!
Congratulations on the anniversary, two lovely photos.
The crane is gorgeous, your friend is very talented.
Congratulations on your anniversary Joyce, you and S make a gorgeous couple then and now :). How beautiful is that crane, what talented and generous friends you have! Always happy to see Serengeti, stunning stitching as always!
Ohhh look at you beautiful girl. Happy Anniversary stunner! I love your Heidi wall she's very talented. I'm sorry I couldnt join in the IHSW this month, but I adore your progress on your Chatelaine! It's stunning! I will endeavour to join you next month.

Keep smiling stunner
xo Alicia
DebbieSFL said…
Happy Anniversary!!
blueladie said…
Very Clever! :) Cathryn
Stitching Noni said…
Happy Anniversary :o)
Hugs xx
Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary! I just celebrated my 21st. I need to do a then and now. ;)
valerie said…
Wow...19 years! Congratulations!You both don't seem old enough to have been married that long! I've been following your progress on Serengheti since I haven't been stitching much and or blogging. It's stunning! So much detail!

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