IHSW July 2015

First off, thank you all so much for your feedback regarding the FB IHSW group. It was an idea I was toying with but let's keep IHSW on bogland! :D I agree with your sentiments that there is something so soothing and calming about visiting a blog. It's taking the time to catch up with a friend instead of going through the hustle and bustle of and being bombarded with pictures and shares and what nots.

To the subject at hand then! :D Can you believe it's July already??? Half the year is gone! How can time move so quickly? Doesn't it know that we have lots of stitching to do and goals to meet?

Speaking of goals, I met mine of finishing the lion's panel as well as the two corners on either side of it last weekend. The lion panel took a while as hubby and I decided to make some slight changes to the coloring of the lioness' fur as well as the thread for the lion's mane. We wanted his mane to be fuzzy but did you know that sandpaper is detrimental to the effectiveness of DMC thread? Who would've thunk it? ;) LOL! No matter, Wispers to the rescue! After a few times of trial and error, we decided that alternating between DMC and Wispers did the trick. (I should've taken a picture of the lion stitched only with Wispers. He looked like 10,000% humidity got the better of him. LOL!)

More of Serengeti for me this weekend. I'm moving outwards to the baobab and umbrella acacia trees. What about you?


Lesley said…
Love your stitching Joyce.Your description of your lion's mane stitched only with Whispers did make me laugh.
Suz said…
Martina's detailing always leaves me amazed. Great job on your stitching - the lion's mane looks great, but I am very sorry we didn't get a shot of the humidified lion ;)
Bea said…
The mane looks really terrific. I'm really glad IHSW is staying in blogland.
That lion is so cool! Had the original pattern called for sandpaper? It's a really clever thought, but what you did looks so good.
rosey175 said…
I love what you've done with his mane! I could always donate some cat hair to you if he felt like he needed a little extra oomph, even more than the Wispers provided ahaha.

Looking forward to IHSW! We'll see if I actually get to accomplish anything.
Esmeralda said…
Good job on the lion :)
How far is serengeti finished ?
Looks amazing
Wish you a lovely weekend
Greetings from holland
I love your lion's mane, it's brilliant! Can't believe IHSW has come round again and I'm working, such poor planning on my part!
Justine said…
I love how your husband was involved in the design process - mine doesn't even notice what I'm stitching! That's such a beautiful and detailed design.
Katie said…
Wow gorgeous work!!! Can't wait to watch it grow more. I'll be joining in but don't know what I'll be working on yet haha. Too many great projects.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Before I even read your entry my eyes went right to the Lion's mane and I thought how spectacular it was! Great job!!!!!!
Kate said…
Wow! Amazing stitching!
Those lions look great, especially the mane - well worth the time and thought you put into it!
Stitching Noni said…
I love what you did with the lion's mane - what a fantastic idea!
Umm... yes I suspect that sandpaper and DMC thread is not a good combination!!
Hugs xx
Anonymous said…
gorgeous design, colors, stitches, love it
Julie said…
It's wonderful.
Sorry I wasn't able to join in this month.
I love how the Lion's mane turned out, it's so effective. I just want to stroke him LOL. Beautiful stitching work stunner!
xo Alicia
Karen said…
I'd love to join up next month. But I'm not likely to remember when, and come upon your blog the day after the weekend. How does one sign up, and get reminded?

This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to arrange my weekend so I have lots of time to stitch.
Anonymous said…
beautiful stitching, going to join nex time :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful stitching, going to join nex time :)

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