What to call this post?

LOL! That's what I've been mulling over the last few minutes, so I decided why not just title it that, so there ya go!

I have a new stitchy toy!! It came about cos I was in a pissy mood from having to look aaaaaaaall the way down to my iPhone while backstitching tree branches aaaaaaaaall the way up on the fabric. Hubby to the rescue, as usual, and he rigged an iPad holder onto a binder clip for me. :D I showed it to some of my friends and they asked if it was so I could stitch and chat at the same time! HAHAH!!! Awesome by-product, doncha think? ;)

Which leads me to...

I've changed my mind about my dad's memoriam piece. I was browsing HAED the other day and came upon SPML's Yexian Pure of Heart and absolutely fell in love. My dad love nature and fish and this chart, along with the Chinese folklore, seems to suit him more than my previous choice. Start date will still be next year, of course, since Serengeti needs to be finished. :)

I need to figure out how to better keep up with your blogs on the go. I'm finding it more and more difficult to sit at the computer after work and allocate reading time since my natural tendency is to reach for the iPad or my phone. I'm so outdated on Readers and such. Do you have a favorite reader?


Jan said…
I can't wait to start on Seregenti next year! I'm still working on my first chatelaine...

I use Feedly for reading blogs. You can read it online, but o prefer using my Mini iPad. I love it!
Beautiful choice for a memorial piece for your Dad.
I also love Feedly. You can put blogs in categories, so you can have designers in one place, quilters in another, book blogs in a third and so on.
Lesley said…
Your new choice of design in your dad's memory is beautiful Joyce.
Your stitching is awesome! You are using a pattern on your phone? I have the blogs I follow on the right side of my blog and it moves them up to the top when there is a new post. I just check my blog and read the new posts.
Becca said…

I use feedly for regular blogs and theoldreader for stitchy blogs. I'm happy with both.

Love your stitching as always.
Keebles said…
That's pretty cool! You've got a great hubby!

And I think that is the perfect memorial piece for your Father and I can't wait to see your progress on it, even if you don't start it until next year!
That is a lovely chart! I use Bloglovin' on my pc but also have the app on my phone which is handy.
Kate said…
Great idea! Whatever works :-) Wonderful progress, and the new chart in memory of your dad is beautiful. I still read all my blogs on the computer; I haven't figured out how to read them on my phone.
Stitching Noni said…
Post name should have been "Clever Hubby!" What a great idea... :o)
I love the design you have chosen to stitch in memory of your Dad.... it is gorgeous!

As for app readers... "Feedly" gets my vote! I also set up "Bloglovin" when it first came out but I very rarely use it... "Feedly" feeds into the old "Byline" app I had for Google Reader so that works for me... "Byline" also has all my blogs in categories which is great...
I do use the "Feedly" app or the PC version when I want to add new blogs to my reading list though...
Of course, neither of these helps find me to the time to read all the blogs on the bloglist... I think I need an app for that!! :o)
Hugs xx
PS: loving Serengeti... so good to see you stitching again! :o)
Anonymous said…
that is very clever, A Iphone holder clip. Love your stitching, The new chart will be a beautiful memorial piece. I use Good notes.
Julie said…
What a great idea, very clever.
Nice new chart, very tranquil looking.
That new memorial piece you've chosen is absolutely stunning, I can't wait to see your work on it!
Terri said…
Serengeti is looking wonderful! And what a perfect memorial piece for your dad! I look forward to seeing you start and progress on it.

I use bloglovin' on PC and my tablet.
Marcy said…
Clever hubby! Serengeti looks fabulous.
Suz said…
More love from the Feedly coming from my end.

Serengeti is looking lovely; The memorial piece is also quite lovely and I look forward to seeing it in the future.
Bea said…
What a beautiful choice for the memorial piece. I will enjoy seeing that one being stitched.

Very good progress on Serengeti - so lovely.

Clever hubby - that's a great gadget.
Great clip and I love your choice. It's absolutely beautiful. Nice progress too and I also use Feedly. It's very helpful to keep track of everyone's blogs.
diamondc said…
Joyce: what a beautiful piece the Yexians Pure Of Heart is a very good choice, I do really looking forward to your progress.

Gorgeous stitching on Serengeti and I love the HAED you have chosen in memory of your Dad, it looks so peaceful.

As for blog readers - I need to sort that out too lol!
Kaisievic said…
Serengeti is looking great and what a wonderful choice for your Dad's memoriam piece. I read blogs by a number of ways: from the blog list on my blog, from the check in pages of the various SALs I am in and by checking out the blogs of people who have commented on my posts. I use either my Mac or my iPad, rarely my phone.
Karen said…
Serengeti is beautiful! I use Feedly for blog reading. Like it a lot.
Jennifer M. said…
Serengeti is gorgeous! Love it.
rosey175 said…
Nice binder clip solution haha. Mine usually lurks on the chair arm... or a cat. :D

Really late and a bit of an oddball (though you've prolly already picked something): I use NewsFox, a Firefox add-on. I didn't want something I had to sign up for. I rarely look at blogs on a mobile device because not everyone has mobile enabled and I hate scrolling side to side lol.
That clip is awesome! I use feedly to read my blogs on my phone. I like it but commenting can be a pain. It means I can check blogs while out and about.

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