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August IHSW Pt. 2 et al

"I'm late, I'm late!!", she says–definitely along the vein of the White Rabbit and not even touching the vicinity of the other option. (You know, of the squalling, pooping, keep-you-zombified, but oh-so-cute variety. ;) ) First! Serengeti: It now has sides but has been slow going since I'm working on both sides at once and the past weekend was unnaturally busy. I chip away a little bit here and there during the week nights, so there have been more colors added since this picture. This weekend is shaping up quite unkind for stitching as well, so we'll see how much I can get done. Second! Mirabilia news: Haven't stitched one of these in quite a while. I usually like to slot them in between Chatelaines since they provide nice break and well, you all know how long Serengeti is taking. ;) Next one up will be Moon Flowers which I'm stitching for my cousin (she's the one that I stitched Sabrina for a few years back) who will be purchasing all the

IHSW August 2015 - Part 1

Hmm... I thought for sure this was the third full weekend (including Friday) of the month but 'tis not! What to do, what to do? Have two IHSWs, you say? Why ever not? :D I finished the side sections linking from the pinnacle this past weekend and will continue on towards the center of the design which will consists of two pinnacles, one third of the outer border arm on both sides, two eagles, and the ostrich and secretary bird inserts. Holy moly, that's a lot for the next stitching section! I'm not even going to think ahead to when I have to do the baobab and acacia trees again. Oh, who am I kidding? I've been thinking about that for days! Well, I'll be stitching this weekend! How about you? :D

All Things Chatelaine Designs

Can it really be that I'm posting again so soon since the last post?! Nope, I just checked... it's not snowing here in Florida. ;) The nice thing about stitching again is there are pictures to show!! The center pinnacles on Serengeti are so gorgeous stitched up and the first one went pretty quickly too. One down, three to go. :D ( Amanda , allow me to tempt you more. Mwa-hahaha!!) I took a picture of what my frame looks like right now with the chart spanning the entire width. I quite enjoyed drawing the ochre rainbow to cover the chart. I'm working on the two sides simultaneously so it might take me awhile to get them done. EeKoon, my sister-of-the-heart, has been buying me Europeanxs GCs over the last three years for my birthdays. I finally decided to use them this year and treated myself to the Autumn Watergarden kit in June. It arrived yesterday, beautifully packaged as usual!!! I'm thinking of stitching it on white belfast. Start date? Not sure, but de