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Can it really be that I'm posting again so soon since the last post?! Nope, I just checked... it's not snowing here in Florida. ;)

The nice thing about stitching again is there are pictures to show!! The center pinnacles on Serengeti are so gorgeous stitched up and the first one went pretty quickly too. One down, three to go. :D (Amanda, allow me to tempt you more. Mwa-hahaha!!)

I took a picture of what my frame looks like right now with the chart spanning the entire width. I quite enjoyed drawing the ochre rainbow to cover the chart. I'm working on the two sides simultaneously so it might take me awhile to get them done.

EeKoon, my sister-of-the-heart, has been buying me Europeanxs GCs over the last three years for my birthdays. I finally decided to use them this year and treated myself to the Autumn Watergarden kit in June. It arrived yesterday, beautifully packaged as usual!!! I'm thinking of stitching it on white belfast. Start date? Not sure, but definitely after Hummingbird.

Speaking of Hummingbird Lace Mandala, I've slotted the start date for Nov. 1st. It's a SAL I've joined on FB and I just have to get one stitch in. I'm hoping that it will be more than one stitch but it's all contingent on if Serengeti is finished by then. I also still need to decide on a fabric color. I 'see' it on a really light fabric so that pale silks will show and am leaning towards white or antique white again.

Martina has been releasing her older designs on her website and I'm soooooooo tempted to get her Mini Mandala 01. Those greens. Those yummy, yummy greens! Don't you think it'll be such a perfect partner to MM05 that I finished a while ago? Just sayin'... ;)



Stitching Noni said…
Brilliant job! See you have goal know to get this finished and way you go!!!
I think you have to get MM01 - the colours are just gorgeous :o)
Can't wait to see you start Hummingbird!
Go girl...
Hugs xx
Ineke said…
Beautiful stitching again!
Autumn Watergarden... started this one once, but it has joined the hibernating ones.
And Hummingbirds... Haven the kit too, waiting for ages..
You have some real pretty ones in your stash, girl!
Kate said…
they are all so gorgeous!! I say why wait to start em ;) ;)
Katie said…
Wow just gorgeous! Yes the greens in the mini mandala are gorgeous and you definitely need to do it.
Jennifer Catena said…
Gorgeous stitching as usual Joyce!

Autumn Watergarden & Hummingbird are awesome beautiful choices.

I hope you are well!

Kate said…
Beautiful progress! Your new stash is gorgeous, too. Have fun planning your new projects :-)
Julie said…
Stunning progress, the eagle is amazing.
Serengeti is just so beautiful. I love all the close up photos so much. You miss all the details in the larger pictures.

I must spend some time browsing the new website too.
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! The temptation is working Joyce, my last full sized finish was Butterfly Lace eons ago........... Lovely to see there are more Chatelaine plans in the works from you!
Bea said…
Serengeti looks fantastic and your future projects are lovely.
diamondc said…
Oh my gosh that is so beautiful, love all your new stash, it is nice of EeKoon to help you get the threads.

Gorgeous! I'm so glad it's coming together well and that there will be more Chatelaines to come!
You are going to love stitching Hummingbird Garden- I'm just finishing it myself, and then I'm starting Venice.
Great progress, and even more bautiful designs looming on the horizon - what a brilliant post! ^_^
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