August IHSW Pt. 2 et al

"I'm late, I'm late!!", she says–definitely along the vein of the White Rabbit and not even touching the vicinity of the other option. (You know, of the squalling, pooping, keep-you-zombified, but oh-so-cute variety. ;) )

First! Serengeti: It now has sides but has been slow going since I'm working on both sides at once and the past weekend was unnaturally busy. I chip away a little bit here and there during the week nights, so there have been more colors added since this picture. This weekend is shaping up quite unkind for stitching as well, so we'll see how much I can get done.

Second! Mirabilia news: Haven't stitched one of these in quite a while. I usually like to slot them in between Chatelaines since they provide nice break and well, you all know how long Serengeti is taking. ;) Next one up will be Moon Flowers which I'm stitching for my cousin (she's the one that I stitched Sabrina for a few years back) who will be purchasing all the materials with slave labor provided by me. LOL!

Third! Since Amanda's been missing hunk pictures, here are some demurely-clad-but-so-much-more-handsome-for-it British hunks. :D

Fourth! DOH! Double DOH!! and TRIPLE DOH!!!!! I totally forgot, till now, that we're having IHSW again this weekend!!!! Have a great ISHW everyone!!!


Esmeralda said…
Wow another gorgeous project ahaed of you
Moon flower is so stunning
Serengeti is growing nice
Happy stitching weekend
Anonymous said…
beautiful work on the chatelaine. Happy stitching weekend
Serengeti is looking wonderful! I'm hoping you'll make lots of pretty progress this weekend :)
Lesley said…
Serengeti looks more awesome with every picture.
Love the Miribillia you are going to stitch.
Have a great IHSW.
Julie said…
Another lovely project you are going to be commencing.
Kate said…
Chatelaine is gorgeous and the Mira will be fun!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Serengeti looks wonderful!
Bea said…
Serengeti is progressing very nicely and that is a lovely new stitch in your future. I'm very glad we have another official stitching weekend, even if I have to work on Saturday.
Nice progress on Serengeti and a lovely new start in the near future.
demeter83 said…
Love Serengheti (please excuse my appalling spelling). And lovely to see the British hunks. I still have a fondness for Orlando Bloom, and may I also suggest Tom Hiddleston!
Stitching Noni said…
Well... guess what - even though we talked about this the other day on FB I forgot to come over and sign up... so I'm late signing up but fingers crossed my post will be up today!!!
Loving Serengeti.... and Moon Flowers - ooh I am so looking forward to seeing this one come out to play! (I have it but will probably take years to get around to stitching it!!)
And thank you for the boys... Idris Elba - yummy.... those smouldering eyes... and David Tennant... both on the same post!! oh dear... I had better move on really quick!!!
Hugs xx
Oh, I do love that Serengeti pattern. It is lovely and will be quite stunning when done. I think I'll start joining in on your hermit and stitch weekends. :0)
Ooooooooo the hunks are back! Serengeti is looking beautiful and I can't wait to see your start on Moon Flowers, I love the colour in that one!
Kaisievic said…
Gorgeous British hunks, thank you and Serengeti is looking so gorgeous!
I'm always in awe when I see your Chatelaine's. I have yet to try one but I love seeing yours come to life. Thanks so much for the eye candy too. I really enjoy that segment of your posts!!!

xo Alicia
Esmeralda said…
When is the ihsw in september ?
Greetings Esmeralda

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