IHSW August 2015 - Part 1

Hmm... I thought for sure this was the third full weekend (including Friday) of the month but 'tis not! What to do, what to do? Have two IHSWs, you say? Why ever not? :D

I finished the side sections linking from the pinnacle this past weekend and will continue on towards the center of the design which will consists of two pinnacles, one third of the outer border arm on both sides, two eagles, and the ostrich and secretary bird inserts. Holy moly, that's a lot for the next stitching section! I'm not even going to think ahead to when I have to do the baobab and acacia trees again. Oh, who am I kidding? I've been thinking about that for days!

Well, I'll be stitching this weekend! How about you? :D


What the heck, why not do two IHSWs this month?

Serengeti is looking amazing. Loving the details in the close up photos.
Kate said…
I'm okay with two IHSWs! Now, if I can only remember to actually stitch and show before and after photos... Amazing progress on Serengeti!
Keebles said…
I hermit every weekend anyway so I say let's go for it!!!
Stitching Noni said…
I had planned to stitch most of the weekend anyway... so I have officially signed up for IHWS Part 1 :o)
Loving Serengeti!
Hugs xx
Esmeralda said…
Wow the sides makes serengeti even more stunning.
I am taking part on sfs and finally found a goal to save my money for :)
This christmas i am gone buy myself the material package for butterfly lace.
Allso still have my birthday coming up soon so will save that money allso for my first chatelaine.
I am gone take part this weekend and next weekend on IHSW
Wish you a lovely day :)
Julie said…
Such an intricate design and so beautiful.
Bea said…
2 IHSW's is a wonderful idea.

The detail is so incredible. I'm determined to buy a chatelaine pattern, but I just can't choose. I really want about 10 of them, but . . . .
I'm definitely on board for 2 IHSWs! Especially since I have to work this weekend, but not next weekend. Serengeti is looking even more amazing!!
Lesley said…
Two IHSW's sound good to me Joyce:)
Love your stitching.
valerie said…
Looks gorgeous Joyce! You're making incredible progress!
Kate said…
Such gorgeous progress! I for one am excited for 2 IHSWs this month, then I have a chance to catch up on the ones I missed over summer! ;)
rosey175 said…
Fine with two IHSWs~! I remember when I was filling out my stitchy calendar, I pondered over this weekend and next, wondering which it was supposed to be haha. It works out well since I have no idea if I'll get to accomplish anything the next weekend anyway! :D

Spaghetti (lol auto correct, not changing it) detail shots are amazing. It's crazy how much little stuff is packed into these pieces!
Serengeti is still looking awesome - I was swooshing about in my stash yesterday seeing what I already have in stock for it........... :)!
Karen said…
Serengeti is beautiful! I look forward to seeing more progress.

My first IHSW weekend. I will do my best to be able to show progress. Remembering that this is the weekend I'm supposed to spend as much time stitching as possible may be the hard part.
Kim Howe said…
I'm away for the next one, so thank goodness you are having one this weekend!
Oh so lovely stitching! I have had thinking about two years to buy a Chat.!

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