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IHSW September 2015

So sorry this is waaaaaaaaaay late!!!!!! I meant to take a current pic of Serengeti this morning and forgot. I meant to pack tea bags for poor sick hubby and I forgot. To top it all off, I forgot to pack roti to go with the lamb kebabs I made for lunch. *bash head* *bash head* *bash head* *bash head* *bash head* *bash head* Hmm..... maybe that's why I'm forgetting things, cos I keep bashing my head. >.< To the subject at hand... I've had quite a few stitchers mention that it's hard to locate the IHSW update posts cos the links on the sign up posts are to the main blogs. I totally see the problem here. So, I'm going to adjust the link process a little. Eventually, we'll post our links for IHSW after the weekend so that we can have the specific link for the blog post to showcase what we've worked on. For this month and possibly the next, I'll do it both ways, i.e. sign up today and then report in next week with the specific links. I hope