Mar 2016 IHSW Report

OH EM GEE!! Can y'all believe it? I actually stitched!!... ok well, beaded more like, but hey as long as it involved needle and thread, we're good, right?a :D

I've previously mentioned maybe stitching a little something for my biz partner's new house and after much mulling, combined two charts together and decided that beading the whole thing would be quicker than stitching it.

So far, over the weekend, I've finished beading the heart. It's a free chart from:

There will be text underneath and earlier today I thought it might be a good idea to add an element from Chatelaine's Japanese Garden. Stay tuned! ;)


valerie said…
Verry pretty! Looks like a successful IHSW to me! :)
Bea said…
Oooh, that's lovely. A well spent weekend, obviously.
Mini said…
Wow this looks beautiful
Katie said…
Ohhh I love it done with the beads!!! Beautiful!
Lesley said…
What a pretty heart,Joyce:)
That's a stunning beaded heart. Looking forward to seeing how you continue with it.

MY IHSW was equally productive.
Anne said…
beautiful! i missed this month ihsw, but hopefully next month, have to remind myself! :)
geeky Heather said…
Woo hoo!!! Sparkly, beady goodness!! I can't wait to see what you add...I'd slap that sucker in a frame now and call it done!=)
Claudette497 said…
Gorgeous! This month just went right by, buy I'll be hermitting next month for sure!
Veronica Ong said…
What a sparkly beaded heart. Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you add to it!

How beautiful =) All those beads look like so much fun! =)
What a gorgeous piece! Your biz partner will love it.
Oooh, look how pretty that is! I'm glad your back in he saddle ^_^
Carolyn said…
YaY!!!!!Good to see you posting. I heard Jo and Kaye convinced you to come out of hibernation. ;)

I love the heart. Those beads look awesome. You did a great job. Are you on Facebook? Send me your info if you want.
Karen said…
Very pretty! I haven't done any beading. Looks beautiful.

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