Where do I begin?

(sung to the tune of Love Story)
Where do I begin?
To tell the story of how quick the clock can chime
The forlorn tale about my lack of stitching time
The simple truth is that this sentence needs to rhyme
Where do I staaaaaaart?.....

Helloooooooooo out there!! To quote Jo: Yes!! I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive, LOL! Thanks, everyone, for your emails to check up on me. Holy schmoly, guacamole!!!! (Ok, this rhyming thing has to stop) Has it been more than 6 months since I last blogged????!!!! (I had to double check that cos surely my mind hath deceiveth me!!!)

Well, contrary to popular believe, I haven't been spending my entire time gaming, even though it's easier turning on the computer to kill monsters for a few hours than it is dragging the huge contraption that is my stitching stand with Serengeti on it. Let me present Exhibit 1. Yes!! It takes up 2/3 of the couch!!!

Apart from work, I've been studying to get my insurance license for work. What entailed was a 200 hour course--I chose to do that online--pass it, and then take the State exam. I took the State exam last week and passed, thank God! So, that has taken up a big chunk of my time.

I do apologize for not being around to get the IHSW posts up. Jo and Kaye have generously offered to help out when I get too busy by hosting it on the Friday's Frolics blog, but I'm going to try and not infringe too much on their hospitality.

With all that out of the way, let's talk stitching and blogging. Work, studies, and gaming aside, I've found it really difficult to stitch lately. I think it partly has to do with my stopping point of Serengeti. You see, when I pick it back up, I'll be working on the baobab trees. Let me refresh your memories:

See those branches? Fiddly as all hell. See the 'land' under the trees? Doubly fiddly because of the yarn used. Takes forever to get the floss to lay correctly and not create a hole in the linen. And to make matters worse, rinse and repeat FOUR times!!! If I can get this entire section done, then I'm golden, but getting up the energy to get that done is my biggest hurdle right now. Yes, yes, I know... put my big girl panties on and just do it but *waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh* it's more fun to sit and complain, haha!!

In related stitching news, my business partner and her hubs just put an offer on a house. We are very close and I'm thinking of stitching her a house warming but again, no mojo.

I leave you with a few cute things for a wonderful weekend!


So good to hear from you!!

Serengeti is a wondeful piece but maybe a little small might kickstart the mojo? A little tiny house for your colleague?
Ineke said…
Good to see you back here! Many times I wondered where you were hiding. But never started searching and calling; over here time flies too. Many congratulations on passing the exams! And please do start stitching on your lovely Serengeti again.
Angela S said…
So glad you are back and well. I hope you find your mojo for those lovely boabobs. Just think how wonderful they will look once complete, and how much bragging you can do when you show it off. (Does that help?) Congrats on your exam and all that hard work!
Yay Joyze, so lovely to hear from you! Congrats on passing your exams - sounds like you have been pretty busy, no wonder stitching has taken a backseat. I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to start stitching on when your mojo returns, I've been pretty mojo-less myself lately, just not enough hours in the day!
Mouse said…
cooooo there I was wondering where you had scooted off to and voila you pop up with some stitching to boot too ..lol
hmmm a wee welcome to your new home card would be lovely .. and get those trees done missis stop procrastinating as the longer you put them off the harder it will be to get it finished ... love mouse xxxxx
Carla Eldridge said…
You have been sorely missed!
valerie said…
Yay!! So glad to see a post from you! Congrats on completing your 200 hours of coursework and passing the state exam! Yay! I went through a big stitching dry spell and I'm back to it and looking forward to IHSW. You'll find your mojo for serengheti and the housewarming gift. Maybe you need a cute small to rev up the stitching engine.
Lesley said…
Congratulations on passing youexam Joyce.I hope your stitching bug comes out of hibernation veryy soon..some stash sorting and floss feeling might tempt it:)
Bea said…
Hooray! Thought you had fallen off planet or something. Maybe a smaller piece just to get warmed up again?
Claudette497 said…
Start something fun and throw Serengeti right back in the closet - life's too short to dread your hobby! Congrats on passing your exams!
Katie said…
So glad to see a post from you!!! I'm glad things are okay. Congrats on passing your test! I'm with several of the ladies here. Do something else to get your mojo back and then jump into your HUGE piece. You can do it! We know you can!!
diamondc said…
Joyce: I have had you on my mind, I am glad all is well, a bit hectic I bet but well, I love your posts they always make me smile.
I love your Serengeti it is beautiful, I hear you about some stitches it is hard to get your mojo back when you are doing a stitch you do not care for, I am at that point with a gift I am stitching.
I look forward to IHSW, I bet we were all still doing ISHW and did not really think of it at the time.
Congratulations on your State Exams.
You need a bigger sofa, giggles.

Thoeria said…
So pleased to see that you haven't been swallowed entirely by zombies, monsters and warlocks :)
Congrats on passing your exams....that must be a HUGE relief!
To echo what's been said....do a small thingy to slap your mojo into place!
Karen said…
So good to see a blog from you at last! I was wondering if IHSW was still on. Is it? I need to find my mojo too. New glasses and actually being able to see threads on a frame again do help, but I need a good push to actually get some hours in.

You've been very busy! Hope life settles down a little for you.

Karen at https://mansememories.wordpress.com
Glad to hear that you are well and still around somewhat :) I hope you're mojo will return soon, would be a shame to leave Serengeti unfinished!
Stitching Noni said…
Well I hoped you were alive as every now and then I see on FB that "Joyce" has liked something... :o) but it is so nice to have you back posting again!! I must admit that I have an IHSW reminder in my calendar each month and I do stitch but the blogging part is the hard part lately! Spending too many hours in front of a computer screen at work does not give me good vibes so blogging is suffering... Hopefully we can both get back into it together!!
I am so looking forward to seeing you put those big girl pants back on and stitching on Serengeti again!
Well done on passing your insurance license! What a fantastic achievement :o)
Hugs xx
Julie said…
Congrats on passing you exam.
Quiltsmiles said…
Congrats on passing those state exams, I've heard thy are not easy so kudos for passing!
I have 2 Chatelaine charts in to stitch and was wondering what frame you'd recommend for stitching them? The ones I have are desert mandala and the Alpine Garden one. The size seems daunting and I've been stitching up other kitted items while trying to decide how to go about these larger charts.
Anyhints, I
d appreciate.
Thanks- Jane
Kaisievic said…
So lovely to read this catch up post and isn't it amazing how time gets away from you? Life can just get so busy sometimes but we are all so happy to have you back. I agree with Jo, a small for your business partner's new home might be just what you need to kickstart your stitching mojo again. hugs, Kaye
Kate said…
So happy to see you again! And glad Hermit weekend is back! :D

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