A Beading Finish!

Y'all would be so proud of me! I actually stitched and finished the beaded piece; and this amidst playing a new game!

The initial plan was for the piece to consist of the heart and text but it felt really empty and cold. I have this habit of toweling dry after a shower while looking at the framed Japanese Garden Mandala on our bathroom wall. Well, while doing that one night, it hit me that the corner flowers might work. So, fired up Photoshop and a few clicks later, voila!!

I really enjoyed this project. So much quicker than stitching! Serengeti is going back up on the scroll. Planning on taking a month to "git 'er done!" (LOL) as at the back of my mind, I'm planning on starting Yexian May 11th. It will be the first anniversary of my dad's passing... how time flies.


Keebles said…
You finished a piece! Congrats!
Carolyn said…
I'm happy dancing with you! Your finished piece is beautiful. I love it. Congrats on your finish!!!!!
Minnie said…
Congratulations! This is the first time I've seen a design completely done in beads, it is unusual but very beautiful and the flowers you add are perfect.
Bea said…
Fabulous finish! That is a really beautiful piece.
Marilyn said…
So pretty.
Congrats on your finish.
Julie said…
Very pretty, beading does look so effective
Congratulations on the Happy Dance. The flowers are the perfect addition.

I have done a tiny design all in beads but nothing larger. It does look very effective too.
Katie said…
Ohhh that's just gorgeous! I love how it looks all beaded. The flowers added are just perfect! Congrats!!
Lesley said…
Beautiful finish Joyce,love the addition of your flowers.
Tiffstitch said…
Great finish! And wait, beads are faster than stitching? I must be doing them wrong. :)
I love what you've done with this, the flowers look amazing and it all fits together so very well! You must be really good at beading if it actually goes quicker than stitching for you :)
geeky Heather said…
Very, very pretty, and I agree it would have looked a little sparse without those flowers, but they tie it all together very nicely, helloooo, run-on sentence! =D That heart is really amazing!!
What a lovely finish =) I love the flowers!
Karen said…
Very nice! I've never done any beading. Looking forward to seeing Serengeti again.
Woo hoo and it looks fantastic. The flowers are the perfect accompaniment. Well done stunner. And big hugs and love to you on the anniversary of your dad passing. xox Alicia

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