IHSW April 2016

Booyah!!! An IHSW sign up post bright and early on a Monday morning! What is the world coming to? ;)

How were your weekends? Mine was both awful and awesome: awful cos allergy season is full blown and it's either take allergy meds or suffer horribly. No points for guessing which route I opted for :P; awesome cos the weather has been perfect! Nice and cool with not much sun, which meant I spent most of Sunday lounging on the balcony and stitching...

... before making dinner.

On stitchy news, we framed up the beading project for my friend. Can you believe that the frame cost $3.00???! It was 70% off at Michael's. What a steal, eh? Hubby had to trim a portion off the top and bottom of the mat for the piece to fit but it turned out perfect as it resulted in all four sides being equal in width. 

Hubby really liked the beaded effect of this piece so looks like we'll be on the hunt for a beaded project for our home. (=^.^=)

Sooooo, what will you be stitching for IHSW this weekend? It'll be more Serengeti for me.


What a wonderful stitching spot! And well done on remembering before I had to email you LOL

I shall be continuing on Elizabeth Shephard this IHSW, she is my long-term focus project for IHSW
Angela S said…
Ah, your balcony looks so relaxing... :) I've just started Crystals and Crows from HAED, so I'll be working on that.
I'd love a balcony like yours,Joyce.Probably going to stitch on Little Moreton Hall this weekend:)
Katie said…
Your balcony looks like a wonderful relaxing place indeed. Just LOVE that beaded piece. The frame looks perfect.
Bea said…
Not sure for the weekend - either finishing a snowman or starting an elf, maybe a bit of knitting for variety.
Marilyn said…
Oh, I love your balcony, what a perfect stitching spot.
Mmmmm, Shrimp!
The beaded project looks great in that frame.
diamondc said…
Joyce: The framing is perfect, what a great deal, I love Michael's and Joann Fabrics they seem to always have what I need.
I am in love with your porch jealousy here in my mind, it looks like the perfect spot for stitching and a cup of coffee.
Okay I am so envious shrimp and rice my favs, Yummy.
I will be stitching on my project from a retreat from a couple of weeks ago.
Happy ISHW.

Carolyn said…
Nice stitching spot. Dinner looks delicious. The frame is perfect for the finished beading. It's gorgeous. We are going camping this weekend. I won't get any stitching done my project is to big to take. I will do some knitting. Maybe I will take a small stitching project to work on instead. Decisions, Decisions. Have a fun IHSW!
Mini said…
Wow that is one beautiful balcony to stitch . Your beaded project looks gorgeous. I'm going to stitch second part of HoM Mystery SAL. The pattern is released in parts every Friday.
Tiffstitch said…
I hope your allergies calm down soon, and I'm not sure if I'll continue with See Ya Later Alligator or pull out my Nora Corbett letters. Beautiful finish!
Stitching Noni said…
Oh goodness... I do hope the allergies settle down...
I love your stitching spot on the balcony - looks very nice and relaxing :o)
Great to see that you remembered about IHSW... I have linked up and now I just have to remember to take photos and post next week... I will be stitching!! :o)
Hugs xx
Renee said…
Your beaded piece is lovely! I do hope your allergies clear up, I know how miserable they can be. I am looking forward to IHSW!
Anonymous said…
Love the framed beading piece. Lucky friend! Your balcony workspace is beautiful.
Julie said…
Your stitching area does look cosy and inviting
Kaisievic said…
Wow! Your terrace is lovely, what a lovely spot to sit and stitch and relax. Love your finished beaded piece for your friend - very pretty and great framing, too. Sorry to hear about your allergies - I suffer from Hayfever, too, so I know how you feel. It is horrible, isn't it?

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