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Memorial Day Weekend 2016

For my US friends, how is your Memorial Weekend going? I've been beading on Serengeti. It's going slower than anticipated due to constant bead color changes. Sneak peek, you say? Why, I'd be happy to oblige. LOL!! Memorial Weekend always makes me reflect on the freedom that we enjoy, and oftentimes, take for granted. The courage and sacrifices of the men and women who fight and defend this right could never be repaid. Hubby is a huge World War 2 buff and, by extension, I end up watching or listening to a lot of WW2 movies, documentaries, and books. The stories never ceases to amaze me and we often wonder how many of those are still left untold. Since this is a subject that he's so passionate about, I've been encouraging him to work on a website dedicated to the various aspects of WW2 and thus WHEN LIONS ROARED was born. Check it out and let us know what you think. :)

Are you a Noreply-Comment Blogger?

So, Blogger has this thing where if you don't elect to have your email listed on your blogger account, your comments show up as  < > and there is no way for the person you've left a comment on to reply to you. :( When these instances happen, I try to either visit your blogs or Google+ account to leave a comment in reply, but sometimes, no amount of looking or hunting does any good. :( I realize we blog across different platforms and sometimes it's just not possible to stick with Google and their proprietary ideas which puts us all at a lost of how to stay connected. I, for one, absolutely refuse to link my mail gmail account to Google+ and have circumvented this by creating another account just for that. Not that I use Google+ as I find it kinda clunky.... but, I digress. Not sure if you're a noreply-comment blogger? I did a quick update on the TUTORIAL so you can do a quick check. And now for a PSA: xx courtr5877 if you r

May 2016 IHSW Part 2 Report

Well, that turned out to be a loooooooong title! How were your IHSWs??? Did you get to stitch as much as planned? I didn't quite hermit ALL weekend but made a pretty good dent on Sunday. I counted about 7 more colors to go on the border and then the over 1 eagle and then SHOW ME DA BEADS!!!! :D

IHSW May 2016 Part 2

Here we are!!!!! PRESENTING...... *drumroll* IHSW Maaaaaaaaay 2016!! (Part deux) No, I'm not drunk... why do you ask? :D More of the same for me. What about you? I should post the most recent pic right? OH!!!! You know what I discovered on Monday night? The half rhodes on the diagonal sections were all in THE.WRONG.COLOR!! I was supposed to use 196 and I used 194... or was it the other way around? Hrmm... well, no matter; it's fixed now. :D

IHSW May 2016 (Part 1) Report

I was a good little IHSW'er this weekend. Apart from chores (since clean underwear is a must *snort*) a bit or teaching, and cooking, most of my time went into Serengeti. My finishing mojo has reared it's glorious head and I'm not complaining!! :D Not too much left to go before beading now. Lots of fiddly bits but fingers crossed for a finish by the end of this month. Thanks for joining me for an extra IHSW, everyone. I'll put up this month's 'proper' sign up post tomorrow. Hehehe.

IHSW May 2016 - Part 1

Yup, you read the title correctly. This is one of those funky months where we do not have a full first weekend, but hey... a half weekend can be made to count. ;) So, let's have TWO IHSWs this month to celebrate. :D Serengeti is getting so close to a finish that I can almost taste it. Side upper border, top pinnacle, and one more eagle and it'll be beading time!! This is the time I'm just raring to go, and if I could have a week off, this baby will be done!! But since I didn't win the lotto, end of the month might be a more reasonable time frame. I also need to carve out some time to page grid Yexian. Charted by HAED from Stephanie Pui-Man Law's artwork about  Ye Xian , I had originally planned to stitched this in remembrance of my dad. Then, I teeter-tottered a little between this and Chatelaine's Swan Lake. My dad loved Tchaikovsky, you see. But after discussing this with my mom, she preferred my original choice and so it shall be! Let me remind you gu