Are you a Noreply-Comment Blogger?

So, Blogger has this thing where if you don't elect to have your email listed on your blogger account, your comments show up as and there is no way for the person you've left a comment on to reply to you. :(

When these instances happen, I try to either visit your blogs or Google+ account to leave a comment in reply, but sometimes, no amount of looking or hunting does any good. :(

I realize we blog across different platforms and sometimes it's just not possible to stick with Google and their proprietary ideas which puts us all at a lost of how to stay connected. I, for one, absolutely refuse to link my mail gmail account to Google+ and have circumvented this by creating another account just for that. Not that I use Google+ as I find it kinda clunky.... but, I digress.

Not sure if you're a noreply-comment blogger? I did a quick update on the TUTORIAL so you can do a quick check.

And now for a PSA:
xx courtr5877 if you read this, I'm trying to track down a way to reply to you about Chinese Garden. LOL. I tried your Google+ and YouTube accounts but there's no option there. Feel free to EMAIL me directly.


I think I did it. I followed all your instructions and I think it will work this time.
Please give it a try.
Kathleen Mary
Mini said…
I'm a noreply-comment blogger and I like it that way. However I have a blog
which you can visit by clicking on my blogger profile.
Jan said…
Joyce, thanks so much for posting about this. I've given up trying to contact some of my noreply-comment bloggers, and like you I try my best to track down an e-mail to respond to them. I hate google+ as well and refuse to link my blogger account to it. I really hope this blog post gets across to the people who really need to listen.
Kaisievic said…
I must admit, I wish that I could contact no-reply-commenters more easily. When I can, I try to reply to people's comments but like you, sometimes it is impossible to track them down. Thanks for the post.
Quiltsmiles said…
Hi Joyce- I am not a no reply blogger and am hoping that you'd share what frame you are using or would recommend to stitching a Chatelaine chart on.
I have two chatelaine kits in- Alpine Garden and a Desert Mandala but won't allow myself to start stitching either of them until I get a floor frame that works nicely for that size.
My question is which one do you use and/or which one would you recommend? I don't want to purchase one and then realize that I should have bought a different one.
This will be my last attempt at trying to find out this information from you. Sorry to be a pest (this is my third time trying to get your input), but I truly appreciate your work and would like guidance. Thanks in advance. Jane
Google making people into No-reply commenters drive me insane!!! I love to reply and connect with people who have taken the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate every one.
Plus Gmail kindly "nests" all the no-reply emails under one stream and it's really hard to pick the individual ones out to see if you have an email address for them.
It makes organising giveaways and bloghops harder too, because if you label one email in the nest for the Giveaway, they all get tagged!
diamondc said…
Hi Joyce: I am sad for people who are no-reply comments, if they only knew how much it makes a Blog Site owner feel I am sure they would change their way.
Thank-you for sharing this with us.

I always accidentally reply to those - my email lets me silly thing!
Yippee, it worked. Thank you for your patience in helping me become a reply comment blogger.
Kathleen Mary
Julie said…
I ckecked mine with the help of your wonderful advice, seems you can reply to me ok.... cant believe it was ok all the time and there we me the 'techno nerd' when it comes to PC stuff
Keebles said…
I get a lot of those, but considering I have the same commenters most all the time, it works out fine. It never really occurred to me that people were unaware of this, I thought most people did it for security reasons (and, of course, me the tech person, doesn't really care who sees my google address for some weird reason).

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