IHSW May 2016 (Part 1) Report

I was a good little IHSW'er this weekend. Apart from chores (since clean underwear is a must *snort*) a bit or teaching, and cooking, most of my time went into Serengeti. My finishing mojo has reared it's glorious head and I'm not complaining!! :D

Not too much left to go before beading now. Lots of fiddly bits but fingers crossed for a finish by the end of this month.

Thanks for joining me for an extra IHSW, everyone. I'll put up this month's 'proper' sign up post tomorrow. Hehehe.


Keebles said…
Looks like you got quite a bit done! Congrats! Technically, I'm not really stitching right now, or I would have been with ya! Maybe by next month.
valerie said…
It's looking awesome!! I barely stitched this weekend. =( Maybe next weekend will be better. =D
Tiffstitch said…
Excellent work! Glad your stitching mojo is back with a vengeance. :)
Julie said…
A great weekends stitching...well done
diamondc said…
Love the clean underwear comment I am still giggling.
Loads of beauty going on here, love the colors of this beauty.
I am a beader and love adding beads to my stitching.

Anonymous said…
That is so pretty! Beads can only make it better.
Faith... said…
That is so pretty Joyce!
Stitching Noni said…
Yep..you're right clean underwear is a must!! :o)
Forget the rest of the housework!!
Loving your progress on Serengeti :o) Maybe we need 2 IHSW's a month a bit more often...
Just about to post what I stitched on over the weekend.... see you on the other side of the real IHSW :o)
Hugs xx
Mini said…
Love your progress on Serengeti. Apparently I was not able to stitch much during IHSW part 1 so waiting for part 2 now.
Bea said…
You did really well! Don't let that mojo escape.
Serengeti is looking amazing! So happy that your mojo has reappeared too.
OMG that is so beautiful I want to cry. Glad to hear about the mojo return, cos this beauty needs your loving attention. Sorry I couldn't join in again, but it's been a bit hectic in the CPrincess world.
xox Alicia

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