IHSW May 2016 - Part 1

Yup, you read the title correctly. This is one of those funky months where we do not have a full first weekend, but hey... a half weekend can be made to count. ;) So, let's have TWO IHSWs this month to celebrate. :D

Serengeti is getting so close to a finish that I can almost taste it. Side upper border, top pinnacle, and one more eagle and it'll be beading time!! This is the time I'm just raring to go, and if I could have a week off, this baby will be done!! But since I didn't win the lotto, end of the month might be a more reasonable time frame.

I also need to carve out some time to page grid Yexian. Charted by HAED from Stephanie Pui-Man Law's artwork about Ye Xian, I had originally planned to stitched this in remembrance of my dad. Then, I teeter-tottered a little between this and Chatelaine's Swan Lake. My dad loved Tchaikovsky, you see. But after discussing this with my mom, she preferred my original choice and so it shall be! Let me remind you guys what she looks like...

What are you planning on stitching this weekend?


Jan said…
Hi Joyce! I'm just a little confused, I'd like to join in the SAL but I thought IHSW was the 3rd full weekend of the month not the 1st full weekend. When did this change happen?
Tiffstitch said…
Yay! I love having IHSW on a weekend I'm not working. I'm not sure what I'll be working on, possibly Mini Winter Magic again.
valerie said…
Not sure I'll get to stitch but I'm signing up anyways! Serengheti looks amazing and I think your dad will love Yexian. It's beautiful!
diamondc said…
Oh my gosh Serengeti is positively beautiful, I am excited for you being so close to finish.
The choice to stitch in Honor of your Father is beautiful.

Haha, are you trying to make up for lost months?

Since it will be the second weekend of the month I will be working on my Christmas Ornie SAL project.
Angela said…
Your project is gorgeous!
Mini said…
Serengeti is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished. Like Jan I'm confused but as Jo says IHSW on second weekend so second it is. I may not be able to do much stitching though however I will try to work on my EMS piece.
Sasha said…
I'm in the same boat as Valerie. I don't know if I will have much stitchy time this weekend, but I am still going to sign up.
I have a craft fair on the 21st, so I may just post some of the items that I will be making for that, instead!
Stitching Noni said…
I have signed up! To be honest I thought we were doing it next weekend but I can handle doing 2 weekends of stitching :o) My problem is remembering to post!!
I love Serengeti! Your progress is amazing :o)
And I do love your choice of HAED... it is going to be beautiful!
Hugs xx
Bea said…
Yay, an excuse for 2 stitchy weekends. I've had a ferocious head cold, so I'll be glad to work on ANYTHING this weekend - I think both knitting and cross stitch needles are getting rusty.
Honoring your father is beautiful. I signed up for the weekend. Do we report back at the end of the weekend?
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