IHSW May 2016 Part 2

Here we are!!!!! PRESENTING...... *drumroll* IHSW Maaaaaaaaay 2016!! (Part deux) No, I'm not drunk... why do you ask? :D

More of the same for me. What about you?

I should post the most recent pic right? OH!!!! You know what I discovered on Monday night? The half rhodes on the diagonal sections were all in THE.WRONG.COLOR!! I was supposed to use 196 and I used 194... or was it the other way around? Hrmm... well, no matter; it's fixed now. :D


Tiffstitch said…
Ack! Glad you noticed the error. Looking fantastic!!
Stitching Noni said…
Oops!!! Can't wait to see your progress after the weekend :o)
Hugs xx
Julie said…
So very close to a finish on this beauty, well done.
diamondc said…
Joyce: This is so beautiful.

How frustrating! At least it's been sorted now.
I will be working on Elizabeth Shephard this weekend but not much tomorrow as I have to work. Booooo.
Kaisievic said…
Wow! It is looking stunning, my dear!
Bea said…
How frustrating! but I'm glad it's all fixed. I'll be working some more on my Santa/elf and the sweater.
kathy r said…
Sorry. Rippit stitches happen to us all.
Could you please try to e mail me again in response to this note.
I am trying to rectify the no response thing.

Kathleen Mary
Carolyn said…
Glad you were able to fix the mistake. It's looking beautiful. Last weekend I couldn't join in. I had some other obligations. This weekend I am joining in with a new start. I started it on Thursday worked some on Friday and will do more this weekend. I will have a real update on my blog for Monday!!!!!!!!

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