May 2016 IHSW Part 2 Report

Well, that turned out to be a loooooooong title! How were your IHSWs??? Did you get to stitch as much as planned? I didn't quite hermit ALL weekend but made a pretty good dent on Sunday. I counted about 7 more colors to go on the border and then the over 1 eagle and then SHOW ME DA BEADS!!!! :D


Bea said…
You did great! Such a beautiful pattern.
Tiffstitch said…
Awesome!! You're so close to beading and a finish. It must be making your fingers itch. :)
Great progress! You've really been flying along ever since you got your stitchy bug back ^_^
Julie said…
So very detailed this one is, great progress
Brigitte said…
So absolutely gorgeous, this project.
Great work, the over one eagle sounds amazing!

Here's what I worked on-
Anonymous said…
I just installed google chrome. Maybe that will help.
I went to your page where you told me to go, to try to fix my e mail problem.
Everything was checked as you told me in your blog.
Any other suggestions?
Kathleen Mary
I blog at
diamondc said…
Joyce: This is such an amazing piece, I love beads, I am looking forward to seeing this beauty finished.
I did little stitching but did do some and will post this evening.

Terri said…
Looks great! can't wait to see it finished!
demeter83 said…
Oh my goodness, I can't believe how many IHSW I have missed, as a founder member that's quite shameful. I must try harder for the rest of the year, as I'm also trying to for my blog.
Your progress is gorgeous, one day I'll work up the courage to start my first one.

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