Memorial Day Weekend 2016

For my US friends, how is your Memorial Weekend going? I've been beading on Serengeti. It's going slower than anticipated due to constant bead color changes. Sneak peek, you say? Why, I'd be happy to oblige. LOL!!

Serengeti Mandala

Memorial Weekend always makes me reflect on the freedom that we enjoy, and oftentimes, take for granted. The courage and sacrifices of the men and women who fight and defend this right could never be repaid.

Hubby is a huge World War 2 buff and, by extension, I end up watching or listening to a lot of WW2 movies, documentaries, and books. The stories never ceases to amaze me and we often wonder how many of those are still left untold. Since this is a subject that he's so passionate about, I've been encouraging him to work on a website dedicated to the various aspects of WW2 and thus WHEN LIONS ROARED was born. Check it out and let us know what you think. :)


Bea said…
Your beading is looking good although I've never thought of confetti beading! lol

Had a quick look at the website and will definitely spend some more time poking around.
Marilyn said…
Serengeti is beautiful.
They had War movies all weekend on 1 of the channels here, we watched quite a few of them.
Love your husband's website, such great info.

Keebles said…
Just the premise of all that beading freaks me out...when you add all the specialty stitches, you are a stitch genius!
Julie said…
Happy beading!
Tiffstitch said…
Beautiful beading! It definitely adds that little bit extra to this amazing project. Nice website! Will he be sticking with WWII and American experience?
I love beading! Your's looks beautiful.
We've just had the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. Our Rememberance Day is in November but we don't get a day off for that one!
Sally said…
Your beading is looking beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your weekend :)
diamondc said…
Joyce: This is so beautiful, I love using beads on my stitching, I try to encorporate beads whenever possible, I look forward to seeing your progress.
Checked out you Husbands site wow what a great site, now I will show it to my Husband and try to get him to be a blogger.

The beading is making the project POP. Good Work.
Kathleen Mary
Amy Davidson said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy Davidson said…
Your Serengeti is gorgeous!

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