A Busy Birthday Weekend

Well, had a birthday on Saturday. Didn't do anything out of the ordinary other than the usual chores and teaching. We went out to dinner though... my cousin's parents are visiting from Malaysia and we went to our favorite Syrian restaurant and had a great time.

Friday night, right before dinner, I checked my phone and saw that I had a miss call from Michaels. "Hmm, I wonder if that's them calling to say that Serengeti is ready," I wondered at hubby and called them back. Why, yes, YES IT WAS!!!! Sarah, our framer remembered my offhand remark to hubby  two weeks ago about possibly mounting 4 sets of D-hooks so that we could rotate Serengeti and asked if I'd like for her to do that. How totally sweet was she??! So, after dinner, off we trot to Michaels to pick up our Serengeti Mandala. What a great early birthday gift. :D Without further ado.... ta-daaaaaaah!!! The round mats were hubby's idea and I think it came out fantastic!

It's hanging in its place of honor in the living room -- a spot that's been picked out for two years, *giggle* and for the fun of it, I took a panoramic of our living space as well. :D

Remember those smalls I was stitching as gifts for a friend and his wife? Well, I finished the second one last Friday! YIPPEE!!! I'm so pleased with how cute it turned out. As usual, the particulars:

Quilt Sampler 4 - Cherish by Stoney Creek
Fabric: 28ct Lugana 'Baby Lotion'
Fibers and beads: From stash
Started: June 11th, 2016
Finished: June 24th, 2016

Sunday brought about a busy but enjoyable stitch-related day for me. Hubby helped me pull floss for Yexian (more about this later) and we made a trip to Michaels to find frames for Family Tree and Cherish. They had a nice sale going with BOGO frames and coupled with some 40% off coupons, we walked out with goodies to frame up the following gifts:

Family Tree by My Big Toe Designs
Family Tree by My Big Toe Designs

Quilt Sampler 4 - Cherish by Stoney Creek
Quilt Sampler 4 - Cherish by Stoney Creek

Back to Yexian (pronounced Yeh Hsien), I'd mentioned in a previous post about stitching my dad's memorial piece. Since two of his favorite things were fishing and Tchaikovsky, I narrowed my choices down to Yexian, a painting by Stephanie Pui-Man Law based on a Chinese folklore reminiscent of Cinderella and charted by HAED,  and Chatelaine's Swan Lake. Since I love them both, the decision was left to my mom and she picked the former. So on Sunday, I cut, washed, dried the fabric and page-gridded it. All 88 DMC colors were pulled and this project is ready to go.

HAED, Yexian, Stephanie Pui-Man Law


Marilyn said…
Happy belated B-Day!
Serengeti turned out beautiful.
The round mats look great.
Can't wait to see your start on Yexian, this is going to be so pretty.
Mini said…
Belated happy birthday Joyce.
What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday with framed Serengeti hanging on your wall. The round mat is a perfect choice.
Lovely finishes on Cherish and Family tree.
Wow that HAED ..look at the fabric size.
Emma Louise said…
Happy belated birthday! They are all gorgeous!
Keebles said…
Happy B-day! I didn't realize that Serengeti was SOOO big! It's huge! I have to admit though, I'm anxious to see your HAED start to show progress.
Happy belated birthday. Love the mandala - really love the round mats. I love your living room too - lovely!! looking forward to seeing your progress on the new project - I won't even try to spell it!
Tiffstitch said…
Happy belated Birthday! Serengeti looks fantastic! And brilliant way to change it up by having clips on each side. Excellent framing and finishes and good luck with Yexian. :)
valerie said…
Happy Birthday Joyce!! It sounds like you had a great day because getting Serengheti back from the framer is a big bday gift and happy dance. The round mats are striking! Love it! I can't wait to see your progress on your dad's memorial piece! It's beautiful!
diamondc said…
Joyce: Happy Birthday, I love the fact that you did not go with a bright color mat, this color lets the Mandala really pop out, great idea for rotating the picture.
Love your living space so comfy looking.
Your smalls are so nice and sweet.

Bea said…
Serengeti looks fantastic - really like the round mats. Cool idea to be able to rotate it. And two finished finishes - that's always satisfying.

And a belated Happy Birthday!
Faith... said…
Oh my goodness! I think it turned out better than fantastic! It looks wonderful on your wall and your husband did a great job with the mats. Congratulations on the completion of such a wonderful piece!!

I think the piece you picked out as your Dad's memorial piece is stunning! Look forward to following your progress on it.

Happy Belated Birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday! I seem to be missing everyone's this year, I must get a better system!

Serengeti looks awesome on the wall, I love the idea of rotating it every couple of months to see a different perspective. Your living area looks lovely, love the dark settees and the dark wood but I'm glad we don't have an open plan kitchen/living room.

Looking forward to seeing your Dad's memorial piece progress now.
Karen said…
Serengeti looks awesome! Great idea to have extra hooks mounted so you can rotate it.

Happy Birthday!
Thoeria said…
Belated birthday wishes Joyce! Serengeti all framed is even more stunning!
Julie said…
Belated birthday wishes to you.... Serengeti looks stunning framed and on display.
Kate N said…
Serengeti looks awesome :) and deserves to be pride of place! I am excited to see your next project grow as I love the colours in it.

Katie said…
Wow the finished framed pieces look beautiful. Serengeti is perfect! Love your beautiful living room. Can't wait to watch your new piece grow.
Minnie said…
Serengeti is gorgeous and I love the round matting, perfect. Your small finishes are adorable and I can't wait to see the progress on you next start. Happy Belated Birthday, I never realized we had the same birthday date (I'm sure I've had twice as many as you have).
Brigitte said…
Happy belated Birthday, Joyze!
Serengeti looks just gorgeous in your living room.
Sounds like a great weekend - yummy food, new finishes, an awesomely framed Serengeti and you're new start all ready to go. I'm sure it will turn out great :) It will be a really special memory too.
Wow that looks perfect. Very Serengetish deco. Great idea to have the 4 hooks so you can rotate, I will steal that idea for my Four Seasons. I love your smalls too, Cherish has some gorgeous colours in it.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUNNER! I'm so happy that you had a great time.

xo Alicia

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