June IHSW Report and Then Some

Ok... so, I had a somewhat major IHSW hiccup this weekend--the good news is I hermitted. All weekend long. The bad news? NO.STITCHING.GOT.DONE. Oopsies poopsies. Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee. But I have a really good excuse though!

Nalini Singh Allegiance of Honor Psy/Changeling
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You see, I used to be a really voracious reader. But as responsibilities and workload increased, I find myself having to choose and alternate between my three hobbies--stitching, gaming, and reading--and you all know how I have blinders on when I have my sights set on one of the first two. As time passed, I've also pretty much narrowed down the books I read to only two series by Nalini Singh. As it happens, the latest novel in her Psy-Changeling series, Allegiance of Honor, was released on the 15th and of course, all 496 pages of it was screaming my name. ;)

Fortunately, I've been good since finishing Serengeti Mandala. There were a couple of smalls I wanted to stitch for some friends and I managed to finish one and nearly finish the other before I got my reading blinders on.

The Particulars:
Family Tree by My Big Toe Designs
Fabric: 28ct Lugana 'Baby Lotion'
Fibers: From stash
Started: June. 6th, 2016
Finished: June 10th, 2016

My Big Toe Designs Family Tree

The as-yet-unfinished small is Quilted with Love- Cherish by Stoney Creek. This is not my usual style but I find it absolutely adorable!!

Quilted With Love Cherish Stoney Creek

I would also like to take the opportunity to answer some questions from 'no-reply bloggers':

How big is it actually ? I thought mandalas were small.
They come in all sizes. This is one of Martina's biggest. 25 7/8 x 25 7/8 on 32ct.

What's next?
After Cherish is finished, I'll start prepping Yexian. More to come on that. Stay tuned. :D

How will you frame it?
Well, one of the first things I did was get a piece of custom cut acid-free foam board so I could mount it. I used my normal pin and board method, but instead of taping the fabric to the back of the board as I've always done, I had to lace Serengeti up since it's so big.

It's now at Michaels. Since my in-laws were visiting, we decided to make use of the custom frame sale and see what we could find. We should have it back this weekend. I'll post a picture of it then. :D


Katie said…
I used to love reading too. Now I have books just sitting since I love stitching. I keep telling myself to make an hour a day to read. I worry I would do what you did though and "waste" a weekend I could be stitching haha. I'm glad you enjoyed the book though. Your two finishes are great. Can't wait to see your beautiful mandala framed.
Faith... said…
It is hard to fit everything in and I also find myself neglecting reading! Great stitching on the smalls and I can not wait to see Serengeti Mandala framed, I am sure it is going to be even more gorgeous!!
Tiffstitch said…
Great finish and stitching! Serengeti looks fantastic mounted and hope you get it back soon.
I read in between stitching but not as much as I should do.

Who thought that Mandalas are small? All of Martina's seem to be ginormous! They have to be to pack in all the gorgeous details.
Bea said…
Love the finish about the family tree - would certainly fit mine. It's hard to fit in all one's hobbies, so I'm glad you enjoyed your book, but during IHSW!!! Horrors!! LOL
Anne said…
Very funny about family tree! lovely stitching! :)
Mini said…
Congrats on such a gorgeous finish. Talking about the Mandala here.
For some weird reasons , I always see your posts 1.5 days later in my feed,so I missed the finish post for the Mandala.
I miss reading too.I have been neglecting stitching and catching up my reading since last week.
Susan said…
I read on the train home from work so I get 1-1/2 hours at least 3 days a week, but often find myself in the summer time shirking other things and spending time on the glider with my Kindle. Cute finish. I chickened out on my Chat and paid for them to mount and lace as I always seem to off just-that-much and it drives me buggy.
Karen said…
Thanks for answering my question about the size. I don't think I've actually ever seen a mandala--only photos on blogs, but I have to say, that Serengeti is really beautiful, and I can hardly wait to see it framed. Michaels is where I get most of my projects framed also.
Brigitte said…
I always feel torn between reading and stitching, too. When I read, I want to stitch and when I stitch, I want to read, lol. At the moment stitching has taken over.
Sweet smalls. And I'm very curious to see your mandala framed.
Renee said…
I am so far behind in reading blogs. I just saw a post on an FB group showing the completed Serengeti and thought, "I know someone working on that!" Then I read the name and had to check in here for more details. :) You have some lovely finishes. I am super excited for you to get Serengeti back from Michael's. How exciting to have it finished. Beautiful work!
I know how you're feeling, I'm trying to balance the same three hobbies (plus life and work of course) and there's never enough time for any of them, also I can't bring myself to put one aside totally. Congrats on your finish and almost-finish, and thanks for that reading suggestion, my to-read list wasn't long enough already haha :D
Julie said…
My stitching mojo is on hols at present, not a lot of little x's happening here recently.

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