IHSW July 2016 Report

So I didn't too great hermitting this past weekend. Can't even really report on anything exciting that I did instead of stitching. Though, I vaguely remember some lounging, chores, lounging, browsing for random charts, lounging, groceries, loung.... you get the idea. LOL!

Why is it that time flies by so quickly on weekends but draaaaag its ass along during the week? Why do long holiday weekends never come soon enough? Why are there so many beautiful things to stitch and so little time to do it? Why am I asking stupid questions instead of showing you my blobs? ;)

Yexian, Stephanie Pui-Man Law, HAED

Tomorrow marks hubby's and my 20th Anniversary. Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday that we were in Malaysia celebrating with friends and family.

"Where does the time go?" That's a question my mom and I often ask in our conversations. It seems to me that the days have been passing by so quickly the last few years. Logically, I know it's impossible, but how is it that the last 16 years after the turn of the millenium flew by in the blink of an eye when the 16 years before it didn't? Is it just me or do you feel the same? Maybe I'm just getting weird in my old age. LOL!


I totally agree with you time moves in mysterious ways. I couldn't wait to grow up and wear makeup LOL and I felt like my childhood was soooooo long and now it's just moving at warp speed. I was working this IHSW and I couldn't join in but I like your blobs.
xoxo Alicia
Terri said…
The older you get, the faster it moves! :-)

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Faith... said…
Happy Anniversary!

Time does seem move quickly on the weekends. You are asking some very good questions there and I often ask myself those same ones!

Hope you have a great stitchy week this week!
Nice blobs! I had a Happy Dance for my IHSW and now need to choose a new project for the next one.

Time goes faster because it's a smaller percentage of your life - a year is only 2% of my life but it's closer to 10% of my sons' lives. So one year to me is like five years to them!

See, blame Maths for everything!
Tiffstitch said…
Lovely blobs! Happy Anniversary too! And Jo's right, the older we are the faster time seems to go because our perspective is different when we're older.
Mini said…
Happy Anniversary.
These are some good common questions and Jo has a good answer for you.
The blobs look great.
Yep time zips by the older you get. I am always wishing my life away - I wish it was fridau, I wish it was a holiday.....
diamondc said…
Joyce: I am with you time flies oh so fast.
Some progress is better then no progress.
I am so interested in seeing this design, I have never charted out lines like you do I should try it sometime.

Bea said…
Great looking blobs! lol

I keep asking those same questions. And it doesn't slow down any.
Karen said…
Happy anniversary!

I missed this IHSW. I haven't had a working computer for over two months so I am reduced to checking blogs on my little tablet. And I forgot to check when it was.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary this month too. May we both have many more .
I think we all have our problems with time flying past...I was only eleven years old when the millenium changed, yet it feels like only yesterday!
Great progress on your stitching though; I think I can *just* make out a fishy now!
Susan said…
Belated anniversary wishes. Beautiful blobs! :-) I agree fully, time perception changes so much as we get older. I'm sure there's some explanation but it doesn't change the weirdness of it.
Andie said…
Yep time flies! Although I read recently that it doesnt go faster, we just have less exciting events as we get older so the boring is a blur
Katie said…
Beautiful progress! I agree with you about time. My son turned 18 in April. 18! I have no idea where those 18 years went so quickly. Scares me. I don't want the next 18 years to go as fast. I try really hard to enjoy each day cause it goes by so fast.

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