IHSW July 2016

I remembered to put this up not at the last minute. Hooray for old age!! LOL!!

Summer has been unbearably hot here in South Florida. I've hardly stepped foot outside unless it's an absolute necessity and there looks to be no end in sight. Although, we are only in the middle of July. Oh well, it bodes well for a hermitting session, that's for sure.

OH!!! Package update!! It has been found! Funny story (after the fact): My friend's mother-in-law, who lives with them, was having a package picked up THE SAME DAY my packaged was dropped at their door step and the UPS guy picked up the wrong package. So, my packaged took a side trip to Oklahoma being making its way back to Michigan. I can laugh about it now. ;)

Not much progress on Yexian. It's been on and off. I bought these Water Erasable Pens from Amazon and they work really well! I might use them to mark stitch counts in the areas to be stitched later but right now the numbers on the sidelines have worked incredibly well. I also gridded by the 100x100 blocks with Sulky Metallic thread.

Let's see what happens this weekend. :) What will you be working on?


Great progress on the new start. And what a relief over the parcel! I am so pleased it found it's way home in the end.

This weekend I will hopefully be having a Happy Dance with Elizabeth Shephard. Fingers crossed!
valerie said…
So glad the package and gift was found! I am off to Vegas this weekend where the temp is 108! What was I thinking going to Vegas in the Summer. Doubt I'll stitch but I'll actually update my blog soon since I have some finishes!Even so, I'm signing up anyways. =D lol
diamondc said…
I plan on doing loads of stitching, I need to get caught up, it has been busy in this house.
Nice start. I am going to look up the water erasable pens, thanks for the information about them.

Katie said…
Beautiful progress. I don't get to join in this weekend. We are going camping. Enjoy everyone!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad your package turned up! It's usually some silly thing like that when packages go astray. I had one travel the US for 3 weeks and it had stamps from all kinds of post offices before it showed up where it belonged! At least you know what happened. =)
glad your package turned up!!
Faith... said…
So glad to hear your package was found! I hope the recipients were very happy with it! Yexian is off to a good start and I too LOVE those pens! This weekend I plan on working on Dinosaurs!!
Julie said…
Nice progress, so pleased to read your parcel found its owner in the end.
Thoeria said…
Fantastic progress! I'm really happy that the parcel was found!
I'm going to be spending more time on my Ballerina Bunny ... in between crochet and knitting :)
Sasha said…
Unfortunately, I won't be able to stitch much this weekend, since I have to devote all my time to studying. I hope to join in next month, though! I can't wait to see everyone's progress.
Bea said…
So glad the package finally got where it was supposed to be. What a relief!

I hope to make progress on my Santa/elf - he's been sadly neglected of late - and maybe even the sweater I'm knitting. I would at least like to get the front design done.
Mini said…
Great progress on Yexian.
So glad that your parcel was found and the recipients found it.
I will join you for IHSW ,however I have to attend my craft group meet up on Saturday,which means getting out of pyjamas...lol
kiwikid said…
I hope to join you this weekend too, I have a class on Friday to go to, guild meeting on Saturday, but from then on it will be stitching. I am hoping to get some free motion quilting done on a panel! And maybe work on my hexies....lots to choose from here!
Great progress on your new start, it won't be that new for much longer! And I'm so glad your parcel showed up again.
For me there won't be much actual hermitting as we are visiting relatives this weekends, but I will do my best to hermit in the car and in my mind ;)
Tiffstitch said…
Great start, I think that's a lot of progress and glad your package isn't lost... phew!

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