IHSW August 2016

OK!! Got my timing right this week... albeit a day late. Hehe. It's IHSW time, *whoop whoop* though it's shaping up to be somewhat of a busy weekend for us. Two birthday celebrations upcoming: Friday after work, we'll be heading to Jupiter, FL for my friend Novia's youngest birthday dinner. He's turning 6.  Then Saturday afternoon will be taken up with my cousin's youngest's birthday party. He's turning 5. How time flies!!

Speaking of Novia (my sister from another set of parents), she came for a visit with her mom and 2 boys. I can't believe that it has been more than 10 years since we met online. *cue 'how time flies' statement* We sure have gotten into a lot of stitching and planning adventures, along with EK (our sister from yet another set of parents, LOL!), in all that time. *won't mention the trouble they've gotten into and had fun with every single one of those* Here's to many more 10-year increments, my sisters!

OK... so, I did NOT expect all the cheers and encouragement for me to start a rotation of Yexian and Wolfie. The whole objective was for y'all to discourage me. Please tell me none of you broke out the champagne. HAHAHAHA!!! (I haven't succumbed though... so Catherine, there might still be hope for us OAAT'ers. Hehehe.)

Back to the subject matter at hand though, this is what Yexian looks like right now. The objective is to finish the current color and get started on the lotus flower.

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Tiffstitch said…
Exciting weekend plans and great ideas for your rotation. :)
Katie said…
We got offered to go kayaking with friends. I've been busy busy so I declared this coming weekend a lazy weekend instead. IHSW is exactly what I need! Perfect timing.

Beautiful progress! Love the way you are stitching this one up. So neat to watch it come together this way.
diamondc said…
Joyce: What a lovely photo of you two, it is always fun to get together with friends.
Happy Birthday to the little ones, I love cake but it does not love me,this is here the pounds come from too many goodies.
I am soon to be a OAAT'er I now have started another project, my Kindred spirits in on going and A Scattered Seeds Sampler, I have succumbed.
Yexian is beautiful, I looked up the design it is lovely.
I plan on getting loads stitched this week-end and maybe a little beading.

Lesley said…
Lovely photo Joyce and exciting weekend plans.I am in for IHSW this month:)
Faith... said…
I hope you enjoy your busy weekend! Sounds like it is going to be lots of fun. I am going to try to get in some stitching this weekend... haven't stitched in 2 weeks because of packing, moving and now unpacking. So I am signing up and holding out hope I at least get to thread the needle!
Have a great weekend. Unfortunately I have to work all day Sunday but I'll be hermitting Friday and Saturday instead.
Lovely photo of you and your friend. I wish I could meet up with some of my online friends! You are all so lovely.
Bea said…
Really? You seriously thought we would discourage a new start? Tut, tut. lol

Hoping to get some stitching done, but have a friend coming to stay next week, so SOME housework will have to be done.
Mini said…
It always nice to meet our online stitchy sisters! Have fun on weekend.

Wow you have made great progress on Yexian. You may be one of the fastest HAED stitchers around.

I will be trying to finish last flower in flower of the month project, I'm pushing myself hard to finish this project.
Hello we are all enablers, as if we would discourage you!!! I really envy you cross country one colour at a time stitchers. I love the idea I just can't seem to work it. I can see the lotus flower already it's going to look magical.

I'm with you, it's going to be a busy weekend as I am on nightshift Saturday and Sunday night but will be joining in when I can.

You're friend is very pretty and she looks a little cheeky like you. LOL!

xoxo Alicia
Stitching Noni said…
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I will do my best to remember to post after the weekend as I will be stitching at some point!
Great progress on your one at a time piece! Going to have to keep encouraging you to rotate and do 2 at a time!!! :o)
Hugs xx
If you want people to discourage you, you need to ask for that especially. We are all enablers after all! :D Sounds like you had a fun weekend, Yexian is looking great as well :)

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