I've been naughty...

So, y'all know I'm not a stasher, right? And y'all know I'm an OAAT'er, right? The latter also means that I don't rotate projects, right?

Weeeeeeell, it could all possibly (note the operative word there) come to an end. Why do I think I'm hearing cheers and laughter at this point?... *glance around suspiciously*

Ok see, the thing is, hubby loves wolves and loving wife that I am, I'm always browsing and planning for the next wolf project. I mean, I stitched him Mates a loooooong time ago, but I'm sure y'all agree with me that one is just NOT enough, right?

So a few nights ago, my busybody planning self was browsing on Tilton Crafts and what do you know??!!! Shelley is having a SALE!! And then, be still my beating heart, I found the perfect wolf chart. Of course, I had to show it to hubby (since this will technically be for him) and his face broke out into a great big smile. Now, let me ask you, which loving wife would've been able to resist not purchasing it to make her hubby happy. Now, WE (LOL) are the happy owner of this beautiful chart.

In the Moonlight Charted Tilton Crafts  Cindy Grundsten
In the Moonlight
Charted by Tilton Crafts
Artwork by Cindy Grundsten

Which takes me to my rotation comment. Whilst Yexian is blobbing along quite well, we've also started playing Diablo 3 again (ugh, I know... don't say it). And now, with "In the Moonlight" howling my name, what's a girl to do with only 24 hours a day but contemplate rotation? *gasp* I must say though, just the thought of that is giving me heart palpitations.

Meantime, since Tilton Crafts is still having a fabulous sale, maybe you'd like to join me in my madness. Let me know what you find. :D You can use these coupons on both the WEBSITE as well as the ETSY STORE.
25% OFF cross stitch charts - Coupon Code: STITCH
10% OFF Fabrics and Floss - Coupon Code: FABULOUS
Expires Sunday Aug 14th at 11:59pm (Central US Time)


Xeihua (Sara) said…
Rotation! Rotation! Rotation! Haven't been around for a very long time, but i'll definitely will be on the cheer clack if you go ahead. The wolfe is stunning. No wonder hubby got a big smile :)
It's a slippery slope you're on! It is a beautiful chart though.
You just have to be careful that a Chatelaine doesn't start calling your name too.
Marilyn said…
In the Moonlight is a gorgeous design!
I can't wait to see your start and finish of this one.
Lucky hubby!
Joyze I salute you - I could never have two BAPs on the go at once!
Bea said…
Gorgeous choice. Tilton is a dangerous place to go - charts just leap into your cart of their own accord.
oh dear. You have finally joined in with my world.lol.
Mini said…
Oh Oh! Careful you may end up having multiple WIPs..lol
This is such a great pattern,no wonder you couldn't resist .
Rhona said…
What an absolutely gorgeous wolf design! No wonder you (both!) had to have it :)
Ah I know what your are talking about ;-) I showed the wolf to my BF and said "well, he's really beautiful" and he was like "yes, buy it" and I did :D I'm looking forward to see your work on this and will look for a way to fit this into my stitching plans =)
One of us! One of us! One of us!! And so it begins lol. You're good a 2 wip rotation is nothing to fear. It's almost just like playing with friends. Sometimes you wanna play with your mate Wolfie and sometimes you just really wanna hang with your more colourful friend Yexie. It helps that they're are so different too. I adore wolves too so looking forward to seeing this friendship bloom xox Alicia
Stitching Noni said…
One becomes two becomes three.... and away she goes!! :o)
I adore your wolf purchase and I will unashamedly encourage you to start rotation stitching just so that I can see this one progress! :o)
Hugs xx
Katie said…
Oh I have so many millions and millions or projects because I this same thinking haha. In fact because of your post I'm reminded of my Tilton Craft project that I would just DIE to get back to. *sigh* You're just a horrible person haha. Seriously Good luck and enjoy. My opinion is we are supposed to be doing this hobby because we enjoy it. So enjoy it. If that means having a million projects like me go for it. Your new wolf piece IS just gorgeous by the way. I look forward to cheering you along.
diamondc said…
Joyce: I am still giggling, what a great post, love the Wolf, what a beauty, I am sure your Husband will be thrilled.
I am a one at a timer myself, however I do step over into the abyss and have two going at the same time, once in a while and I mean a while.

Well I wouldn't have expectet it from you, but I am a big fan of rotations in general, so my vote is go for it :D
Kate N said…
If anyone can handle a rotation, it is definitely you!

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