Yexian Update

Well, I had my dates mixed up and thought that it was IHSW sign up time. Must really want Labor Day Weekend to get here soon. ;) Since I took a current Yexian WIP in preparation for the IHSW post, I figured why not show more blobs? This is what about 12,500 stitches look like.

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED

For fun, I decided to lay this side by side with the full picture. Lordy, I have a loooooooooong way to go.

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED


Katie said…
Wow. You've got a lot of blobs added to your before blob. So great job!!
valerie said…
Keep going!! The colors are looking great even if it is blobby. =D
Suz said…
Congrats on your blobby progress! I like that the swirl motion is pretty evident already :)
I am impressed with the amount of stitching you have already sewn. Keep up the great work.
Kathleen Mary

Marilyn said…
Wow, that's a LOT of stitches already!
But, it will take shape soon.
This is going to be so cool!
Mini said…
Wow Joyce, you have made great progress in just 2 weeks. That's like 600 stitches in a day.
mbroider said…
That's very ambitious Joyce!! I am impressed. Reminds me to pick up my BAP...

Still am happy and contented just doing my regular stitching
Tiffstitch said…
Or there could be another double IHSW :)

Blobs are looking good! You can tell what part you're stitching, so that's impressive.
Wow, you can really see the design taking shape already. Great blobbing.

Ready for IHBW - International Hermit and Blob Weekend.
Faith... said…
You are off to a great start Joyce! Your mom is gonna love it.
Bea said…
The shape is there - hooray for blobs!
Whoa that is one big fish!! I reckon you can knock that over in a few IHSWs, it's cool stunner.
xox Alicia
Lovely blobs, and it's already starting to fill in! You're making really nice progress on this.
Your blobs looks great =) Yexian is such an amazing design, your way to finish this may be a bit longer, but with every stitch it's going to be a bit closer and more beautiful =)
Karen said…
Beautiful blobs! I feel the same way when I look at my current project and see how little progress in so many hours .

I'm hoping not to miss IHSW this month .
diamondc said…
Joyce: What a beauty this will be, I have seen this design only in photos on the net, you showing us the progress of your piece is wonderful.
I am still trying to catch up to my emails I was at stitching retreat all last week.


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