IHSW September 2016

Oops, this one almost ran away from me. I've been doing pretty good with stitching except for the one weekend where we played Diablo 3 to get a stash tab---for a game that we seldom play. But hey... if we ever play it again, we might need the space to store items. LOL.

I haven't ventured into the rotation world. I honestly don't know if I could. The wolf have been calling and I went as far as to make sure that I have a piece of fabric being enough for him. Yexian has been going full steam ahead, well as steamy as it can go at 25ct. ;) I stitched so much last weekend that the muscle on my right thumb (the one that's located in the space between the joint and the wrist) ached and I had to put tiger balm on it. LOLOL!!!!

Whelp.... more Yexian in my horizon. What about you?


Tiffstitch said…
Awesome progress! I love that waterlily, so much detail. For whatever reason I also have never forgotten the French word for waterlily, "nenuphar".
Bea said…
That's great progress and it's nice to see the waterlily really emerging.
Lesley said…
Yexian is coming along well,it is lovely to see the water lilly.
I am very impressed with your effort. Sorry you hurt yourself that is not good. Maybe you need to slow up some. Would not like to hear you hurt yourself and could not sew at all. Take care of yourself.
Kathleen Mary
Marilyn said…
Great progress.
This is going to be so beautiful.
Can't wait to see the Wolf too.
A stitching injury, now that is something else...but small wonder with all the progress you made! I love the way you are tackling this project, stitching all over and bit by bit the design is still showing up, and it looks awesome!
valerie said…
Awesome progress Joyze! Love that waterlily. It's hard to do a rotation. I have lots of WIPs but stick to one project until I need a break and then pick up a small. :)
I will be working on my HAED Supersize Butterfly Ball as I'm struggling to get this finished for the fb challenge. Good news is that I finish work on Saturday morning so after a wee nap the rest of the weekend will be a true IHSW. Can't wait!

Yexian looks amazeballs too. I wish I could cross country stitch. Your tiny kisses are so neat and perfect. I had to laugh about the tiger balm. It's my mummies go to treatment for almost everything. Hope your muscle feels better for this weekend stunner
xox Alicia
diamondc said…
Joyce: This is lovely, I have never tried tiger balm I must give it a look.
I hope your thumb gets better really fast tomorrow is ISHW and I plan in being in my favorite chair and getting loads of stitching done.


P.S. I need to reply to your email so sorry I am late.
Katie said…
Beautiful progress! I went on a camping trip so missed this IHSW.
Beautiful work on Yexian, the flower is soooo pretty =)

I hope you'll start the wolf soon - oh wait, if I see your start on it I will want to start my own before 2017 :D

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