September IHSW Report

Well, this IHSW was kind of a bust for me. I stitched, but not as much as I had anticipated and there's nothing much to show for it except one color of yellow. :S

Yexian Stephanie Pui-Mun Law HAED

Saturday itself was somewhat ordinary. The usual laundry and chores and then we went to my cousin's for a small gathering for Mid-Autumn Festival and well... fooooooooood! LOL

One of my dearest friends, Heidi, is an amazing artist and for my birthday every year, she draws me something. After the 2nd year, we lovingly call where we hang her art our "Heidi Wall." Its previous home was the left wall next to our bar and the only way you can see it is if you're at the bar or dining area and we hardly eat at the dining table. I'm keeping mum about the drinking... LOL! So, on Sunday, we decided to move our "Heidi Wall."


After: View from the front door

Close-up of artwork

Wasn't too kicked about how the curtains are hanging on the sides but having lived with it for a few days now, we're loving the 'framing' effect of them. I've been complaining to Heidi about how the bottom 2 cats (my faves; hubby loves the birds) look dark in that area and she said she'll draw me something brighter on the bottom to make that a grouping of 5. But after more complaining, she read my mind and decided that I should have a 2nd "Heidi Wall!!!" HELL YEAAAAAAH! SCORE!!!!


Tiffstitch said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend, even if not too much stitching was done.
Faith... said…
What beautiful drawings, lucky you. Sounds like a great time was had with plenty of food for all. Yexian is looking great!!
Marilyn said…
You DID get a lot done though.
That's an intense piece.
All of the food looks delicious.
The Heidi wall looks great.
diamondc said…
Joyce: I think you did get lots of stitching done.
I love the Heidi Wall what a great display.
I like the curtains framing the prints so creative.
I am in love ith Oriental Food, if I could I would eat it everyday.

Bea said…
Progress is progress, just enjoy it.
That food looks awesome - and enough for a small army! lol
What fantastic pictures from Heidi and YAY for a second wall. I think the art looks lovely framed by the curtains.
I was out on Saturday and read all the blogs in my blog hop when we got back so there was a grand total of 30 minutes stitching that day! Sunday was better though.
Love Heidi's artwork, very talented artist. You are lucky to have so many personalised pieces.
Susan said…
I have been remiss in blog viewing and commenting lately. The food looks amazing! Very nice to have all those good cooks in the family. Love your Heidi wall. I like how the curtains give it a little extra framing and importance. You're making great progress on Yexian.
Julie said…
Heidi is very talented, what a lovely collection.
Great progress - that was a lot of yellow! Also, that food is seriously making me hungry.

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