October 2016 IHSW and Hurricane Matthew

I'm going to try and knock this out before starting my day in earnest. We have another one of those weird 3rd weekends this month since the 1st fell on a Saturday, but hey..... why not have an IHSW this weekend and then if we feel like it, another one next weekend? ;)

Last week was a worrisome one for us here in South Florida with the projection path of Hurricane Matthew. Hubby filled up the gas tank way ahead of time which was a good thing, as the lines were crazy long the day before Matthew was due to hit and gas stations were running out of gas. On Tuesday, I stopped to pick up some bottles of water, just in case, and the shelves were near empty. Wednesday brought about more dire news as Matthew made landfall in Haiti and the devastation was just unimaginable. My biz partner and I closed the office early but since we weren't expecting rains till Thursday, I went to teach as usual and came home to an indoor a tropical jungle cos hubby had moved all the plants and furniture in from the patio and balcony.

Even though we are about 20 miles inland, Matthew was projected to be a Category 4 hurricane if it hits, we're looking at major damage. I remember the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma in 2005. We were without power for a week and took years to rebuild. I remember seeing trees flowering 3-4 years after Wilma and thought how great it was to see colors again.

We are so fortunate that Matthew veered slightly NE on its path and missed us. We had small bands of rain and some tropical storm winds early Friday morning but that was the worst of it. Power stayed on and everything was a'ok. I told my mom that God answered her prayers totally and unequivocally. My heart broke seeing all the destruction Matthew left in its wake from Haiti to the Carolinas and is so full of gratitude that life goes on as normal for us here in SFL.

One would think that with an unexpected 4-day weekend that I got a lot of stitching done but nope. Other than my scheduled weekend lessons, we washed the floors and moved everything back outdoors, did some cleaning, and then just pretty much bummed around.

So, for IHSW this weekend, I hope to make some kinda dent on Yexian... what about you?


valerie said…
So glad you all are safe in SFL! Matthew looked scary. Can't wait to see your weekend progress on Yexian!
Whew - how scary to live where there are hurricanes! I would leave town every time!
So glad that you are safe and out of the path of the hurricane.
I'd got IHSW down for the following weekend but I'm happy to hermit this one too!
Nice progress on Yexian.
So very happy to hear that Matthew gave you a miss, and it is very devastating for the people that weren't so lucky. I can join in both weekends, woo hoo for once I'm not working!!!!

xox Alicia
Mini said…
So glad that you are safe. I know scary it can get preparing for a hurricane.
Wow you have made so much progress on Yexian. I will join as my stitching bug is missing in action. It would be nice to do some stitching.
Stitching Noni said…
So pleased to hear that you are ok... I can't imagine how frightening it must have been leading up to Matthew's passing...
I will be stitching - the key thing for me is to remember to post!
Take care, hugs xx
Julie said…
So good to read you were not in the full path of Matthew.
Marilyn said…
I'm glad the Hurricane missed you.
Great progress on Yexian.
Faith... said…
So glad to hear that you are safe and sound! It was a bad hurricane and I can't believe how many lost their lives in Haiti.

I will be stitching this weekend and will try to remember to post my progress!
Happy you are fine, I keep getting the IHSW dates all mixed up and I so need to get back to the project I thought this would help me with. Although I did manage a little Sunday before last. Working this Saturday so will have to see how inspired I am by Sunday.
Bea said…
I'm glad the worst of it passed you by.

I'm hoping my IHSW will be half cross stitch and half hooked rug - we shall see.
Carolyn said…
I'm glad you are okay from the Hurricane. I will keep those who've been affected by the hurricane in my prayers. I will be joining in with the IHSW. I finally got my stitching Mojo back. Phew!!!!!!
Sasha said…
I want to get some serious progress done on my Riolis kit, The Palace Garden! Can't wait!
diamondc said…
Joyce: I am so happy you were spared the devastation from Matthew, it must be horrible knowing that a storm like that can last for hours and possibly cause tornado's, I am so happy all is well.
The furniture in the house is better then having it fly all over the neighborhood.
love Yexian, I can see the flower coming to life, so pretty.
I am looking froward to this ISHW I am at a retreat from Friday to Monday, all stitchers and some of us bead, yahoo.
I think two ISHW's are called for after all we are stitcher's and deserve it.

Tiffstitch said…
Glad the hurricane missed you, but it is crazy how much damage has been done. Good on your DH on getting everything inside and safe and filling up the cars with gas in good time. Yexian looks great, I hope you get more time to stitch this weekend. It's hard to stitch when you're feeling anxious sometimes.
Petra said…
Very happy to hear that you are okay. It's a shame how badly hit Haiti was. I hope that you're able to make lots of progress on Yexian; it's coming along beautifully. :)
The Maiden said…
I got anxious just reading this post, I am so glad you and your family/neighbors/community were relatively unscathed! I have been away from the cross stitch world for a while (a car accident left me unable to stitch 2 years ago and it was just too hard to follow the blogs) but I am trying to slowly check up on my favorite stitchers! Progress on Yexian is amazing, I have never seen this one and will be waiting with baited breath! I spoke with my sister last night, she is almost finished with Desert Mandala (to be posted soon) and has started several new Chatelaine's- Pomeranian and Mushroom/Fern are my favorite!
Kaisievic said…
So glad that you are both safe (and the plants). Very happy to hermit this past weekend as I am away in Ballarat next weekend (although I am sure that some stitching will occur). Take care, my dear, hugs, Kaye
Renee said…
My heart aches for those that were hit so hard by Hurricane Matthew. I am thankful it missed you (and my relatives in FL.)

I keep missing the IHSW weekends this year. However, I recently began a bullet journal and marked the 3rd full weekend of the month to remind me to stop by. :)

I hope you've had some stitching time this past month!

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