December 2016 IHSW

Hi darlings!! Sorry in advance for the quick post as I'm posting this on the fly. THANK YOU, Carolyn, for the reminder!!

I know it's a crazy busy time for everyone at the time of the year... so let's hope that we can squirrel some stitching time for ourselves. I'll try to get some in but this is shaping up to be an incredibly busy weekend with friends and shows.

I'm still at it with Yexian. How about you? :D

Will definitely try and do a catch up post before year end.


Mini said…
Nice progress on Yexian. I will be travelling today and tomorrow , so not participating in IHSW this time.
diamondc said…
Joyce: Wow look at your progress, I love this design, it is lovely.
I am signed up for ISHW, we have a snow storm coming and what a better way but to stay in and stitch, will only leave for Church on Saturday.

Awesome progress on Xexian. I'm working all weekend but there will be stitching in the evening!
Wow, you've come so far! I'll definitly bunker down to get stuff this weekend, although it's mostly knitting and not stitching, but it still involves stitches!
Xexian looks amazing! Sorry I couldn't join you all, Christmas prep really gets in the way of my fun stitch time.

Soon though, very soon.

If you don't post before the year end, I wish you, your family and all your loved ones the very happiest of Christmases.

Lots of love
xo Alicia
Katie said…
Crazy busy and missed the ISHW. I so hope you will host next year. You are sure making wonderful progress on your Yexian! Beautiful!!
Yexian looks amazing, the colors work together so well =)

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