Baby Steps

First things first, thanks to Jo who took up all the heavy lifting of setting up the IHSW group along with all the pertinent questions and info, I'm happy to announce that IHSW IS NOW ON FACEBOOK! :D Feel free to join us there!


Here on blogland, we're going to make a minor change to how we showcase our IHSW progress. Instead of linking your  main blog address before IHSW, please link to your IHSW blog post AFTER the weekend. This will ensure that readers will be able to go directly to your IHSW post. :D

ETA: Drats!! For some reason Simply-Linked doesn't work anymore and Mr Linky insists that I don't have a blog. *eyeroll* Until I figure out a way to get that going, please add your link in the comments. :D

Boy oh boy oh boy, was it hard getting back into the swing of stitching. But I tried and am happy to report that my first IHSW after a long 10 month hiatus wasn't a complete bust. Here are the before and after. I'm gonna be like the little engine that could! HAHA!!!


Shannon Meyer said…
You got a lot done on your stitching!! It looks great. I don't have a IHSW post since I didn't know we were doing that again, but I'm really excited that you are back to hosting it:) I'll make sure to make it next month!!
Stitching Noni said…
I am so pleased that you and Jo got the ole IHSW up on FB... it will hopefully be a reminder to me that it is on each month as I have been a very tardy blogger these (not much better with posting on FB for that matter!!)
Hugs x
Tiffstitch said…
Great progress! I'll get a IHSW post up next month and have joined the group on FB.
I'm just awesome! Looks like the group is really taking off already.
I'll add the events each month otherwise you get inundated with notifications!
Katie said…
Great progress. I'll be able to join in next month hopefully.
diamondc said…
I do not do facebook so will have to sit out on the ISHW.
Thank-you for ISHW in the past.

Julie said…
Great progress, well done.
Renee said…
Beautiful progress! I am marking my November calendar and off to find you on FB. :)
You made great progess, actually! I'll be joining in on the next IHSW again :)
Hey There Stunner!
So good to see you in blogland again. I've missed you!!!

Lovely progress and I know you will breeze through this one.

Wow 10 months hiatus if feels so much longer. But at any rate, it's so great to see you again.

And yep Jo is pretty awesome.
xoxo Alicia

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